Top 7 Sales metrics that highly productive teams track

Sales Metrics That Highly Productive Teams Track

It’s impossible to manage what you can’t measure. Metrics are vital in every element of the company, but in sales, they are extremely important. There is too much at stake for sales executives to rely on their gut instincts when making judgments, and this is especially true when dealing with a mountain of data. In […]

7 resources to take your remote work culture to the next level

9 resources to improve your remote culture

Communication between team members is always hard because you’re asking a group of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences to get along right away and understand each other well enough to work well together. Even a lot of people who live in the same house can’t do that. Then there’s the problem of communicating […]

Team scheduling 101: How to bring groups together fast?

Team time tracking

Team Collaboration is key.  No matter how big or small an organization is or what it does, it can only grow by completing big projects like sales deals and product development programs. Each phase of a project needs meetings, and there are usually a lot of them. But no two meetings are alike. Each has […]

Sales workspace solutions: 7 tools to improve your sales & marketing

sales workspace

Every organization’s driving force is its sales team. Having the best sales workspace solutions is critical for success. Your business can only grow if you attract the best customers, which requires your sales team to be at the top of its game. In this blog, we’ve listed the 10 best sales workspace solutions for businesses […]

Monthly Product Update – October 2022

product monthly update

We are always working to improve Tackle and keep everything running smoothly for our users. See what’s new for the month of October. Freemium plan (New plan) We have launched a free plan available to all users. From the free plan, new users can sign up for any paid plan, and existing users can switch […]

6 Ways Technology can boost productivity in the Modern Workspace

6 Ways Technology can boost productivity in the Modern Workspace

Those of you who recall working before modern technology remember how tough it was to accomplish everything manually. Every transaction was meticulously logged on slow computers, and if you weren’t in the office or at home, no one could reach you. Imagine that! Obviously, those days are long gone, and the majority of the workforce […]

Anxiety and productivity: an odd combination but here’s how you can make it work

how to handle anxiety and boost productivity

Anxiety and productivity may appear to be an incompatible pair. How can someone be productive and effective while dealing with mental and emotional instability due to high stress? Unfortunately, due to the side effects of 21st-century lifestyles, many of us are forced to deal with worry and productivity on a regular basis. Even people who […]

How global VC firms can manage relationships and deals across international teams

Sales Metrics That Highly Productive Teams Track

Even on small investment teams, it can be hard to keep track of all the different investment opportunities and make sure everyone is on the same page. When teams work in different offices, countries, and time zones, the challenge only gets harder. Here are some ways that your company can keep managing its pipeline well […]

How calendar audit can help boost your performance review in Q4

Measuring your productivity correctly is a clear way to acquire insight into the quality, commitment, and productivity of your staff. Here are 5 great tools that will help you measure and improve efficiency.

People often say that there isn’t enough time in the day, and even if you try hard, it can feel like the minutes pass you by. Everyone has the same 24 hours, which is good news. But how well you manage your time (or how badly you don’t) does affect how much of that limited […]

Sales quota: Why should you set Sales quotas and how do use them?

Sales quota_ Why should you set Sales quota and how to use them.

Sales quota: Why should you set Sales quotas and how do use them? Salespeople, how tired are you of hearing “coffee’s for closers”? If you said “very,” I have to say I’m sorry because I’m about to do a Glengarry Glen Ross on you. This classic from 1992 is now a must-see for every salesperson. […]