Team scheduling 101: How to bring groups together fast?

Team time tracking

Team Collaboration is key.  No matter how big or small an organization is or what it does, it can only grow by completing big projects like sales deals and product development programs. Each phase of a project needs meetings, and there are usually a lot of them. But no two meetings are alike. Each has […]

Why should sales team adapt scheduling automation?

Why should sales team should adapt scheduling automation

Close the deal at all times. Sounds familiar? Always try to close. Do you recognize it? Sales managers are always telling their reps that they need to close more deals. Still, many haven’t done what they needed to do to automate sales, which has caused them to fall behind. How can you always close if […]

How To Increase Customer Engagement With Business Calendaring

how to increase customer engagement with business calendaring

Let’s face it Calendars aren’t the most attractive thing in the world. Calendars remind people of how crammed their schedules are, on a daily basis. There is nothing more depressing than a reminder of yet another task on our to-do list which we subconsciously forgot and desperately remind us to go on a vacation.  As […]

How to Carryout the Perfect Project Executions: Do’s and Don’ts

How to Carryout the Perfect Project Executions

Many people believe that the key to a successful endeavor is to start with a large number of resources. Multiple million-dollar projects would never fail if this rule worked. As a matter of fact, statistics reflect a completely different trend. The risk of failure rises with the size and scope of the project. So, issues […]

Manage Your Workflow with Employee Time Tracking

This article is for you if you’re serious about saving time. Effective time management is the need of the hour, whether you’re a leader who needs to keep time-controlled to better use your team’s hours or someone who wants to better manage their time. And the most effective method to do it is to employ […]

Work-Life Balance vs. Work-Life Integration: What’s the difference?

what is work life balance and what is work life integration?

It is crucial to find a balance between the time spent in our professional and personal lives. This balance, however, may look different for each person. While some professionals strive for work-life balance, others strive for work-life integration – these two phrases, while they may look similar, are quite unique actually. “There is a distinction […]

Spreadsheets vs Timesheet apps: The Good, The Bad, and The Pointless

spreadsheet vs timesheet

It’s hard to imagine a world without timesheets; they’re the foundation of how we monitor projects, analyze profitability, and get paid. Tracking working time plays a key part in a variety of business activities. It facilitates coordination, assists in monitoring production, and provides critical knowledge. The obvious challenge with time tracking is finding the perfect […]

How to Save Time Working From Home

save time from working home remotely

While the general shift to remote work hasn’t been without its drawbacks, it does have one important benefit: commuting is no longer an option for many of us. “Since the pandemic began, eliminating the daily commute has saved employees in the United States roughly 89 million hours per week – equivalent to more than 44.5 […]

How to Create an Editorial Calendar: Streamline Your Productivity

The best way to create an editorial calendar; how to create an editorial calnedar in the best way

Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or content marketing strategist, having a dynamic editorial calendar that outlines your content strategy is invaluable. Bill Gates said, “Content is King.” That was true in 1996 and still remains true to this day. While marketing experts understand that constantly providing high-quality content or blog posts are critical for driving […]