Gcal2Excel is now TimeTackle!

Gcal2Excel is now TimeTackle

It’s time for a make-over!

We’ve been providing our service for almost 10 years. In these years we got tens of thousands of users using our product hundreds of thousands of time. Thank you for supporting us!

We always intended to keep things simple. However, as we talked to you, our users, it became clear that your workflow doesn’t stop at exporting calendars. It’s a tiny part of a much larger equation. Today’s change reflects our decade-long learning and exploration.

Our calendars are sources of some invaluable data – we schedule our meetings, log our work, store our trip plans, send or accept even invites and whatnot. In this era, the concept of the calendar has changed fundamentally. It’s not a mere schedule anymore, rather it became a data source containing all sorts of useful meta-data surrounding our everyday work and personal life. A basic calendar interface is not always the best way to interact with this feature-rich dataset.

Time is the most valuable asset in our life, we all have a limited amount of it. As an individual, we can quantify how we spend our time analyzing our calendar. As an organization, we can gather invaluable insights into our organization from the company’s rich calendar data.

We want to be with you in tackling the larger problem of time and resource management. We think by combining our calendar data with analytics and automation we can develop sensible solutions to help you improve your personal and organizational health.

Happy Time Tackling!

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