How to Print Google Calendar: 7 steps(with Pictures)

How to print Google Calendar

Who wouldn’t want to get their calendar in black and white so that whenever we have to take a look we can? Ever wondered how to print Google calendar? Well, we will talk about that here step by step.

With each passing day, like any other app circulating through the web, GCal too has been keeping up just fine. It can now do wonders and make your life a lot easier through its hacks. 

From small scale business entrepreneurs to school teachers, all of us wondered if we could get our daily events’ chart right in front of us whenever we needed it. 

This saves from constantly looking at our phones or doing mental math to figure out what to do next. So, here is a step by step on how you can now solve the problem by printing out your Google calendar and much more. 

1. Log into Your Google Account and Go to Calendar-Google

Sample Preview of a Google Calendar
Sample Preview of a Google Calendar

Since GCal is a Google product you must sign in to your Google account to access it. Simply sign in with your email and password and go to Calendar-Google to access your calendar.  

Once the calendar layout flashes in front of you, navigating through it is a piece of cake.  

Use Keyboard Shortcuts to Choose a Calendar Format or Choose from the Top Right Menu: 

Keyboard Shortcuts to Choose a Calendar Format
Keyboard Shortcuts to Choose a Calendar Format

In order to get your desired calendar printed, the first step is to choose a calendar. As another example of why keyboard shortcuts are a lifesaver, go to your calendar’s top right corner to find a box with a drop-down menu. 

On this menu, you will find a list of categories named Day, Week, Month, Year, Schedule, 4 Days and Show Declined Events. You will see that there are individual letters assigned beside each category, such as D in Day. 

Now for the magic. 

All you have to do is press D or T to see only today’s date on the display. 

Similarly, click M for this month’s calendar. Choosing a calendar for print-out in just a click or less. 

2. Press on the Gear Icon and Click Print: 

Click the Gear Icon to find the Print Option
Click the Gear Icon to find the Print Option

Guessing where that print option is at? 

After you have chosen your calendar for print you go to the top right corner again and right beside the Day, Month menu you will find the gear icon, pressing which we pretty much solve all our normie technological troubles on a regular basis. 

There you will find Print, fourth on the list. Click that to go into the next round. 

3. Customize Your GCal Layout and Date Range:

GCal Layout and Date Range
GCal Layout and Date Range

At this point, I for one am happy with how my calendar looks but not GCal! 

Once you press to print it will open the print preview section with a few options. 

Remember we chose one of the categories from the Day, Week, Month menu-bar? Now, we can select a specific date range if we wished from the Print Range option showing here at the top. 

We can also select a date range of our choice for an improved customization because let’s face it, what good is printing a calendar if we have to edit over it again? 

You can even choose your preferred font size, color, and style, or orientation from this menu. Neat! 

4. See a Preview of the Print Options You Chose:

Preview of the Print Options
Preview of the Print Options

While putting in each preference from the menu mentioned above, you will notice your calendar is updating and showing you a preview of how it will look when you print it like this. So you don’t have to take a leap of faith only to see a blotched and wrong calendar printed out.  

5. Connect to a Printer First, Select a Printer and Click Print:

Steps to follow for printing
Steps to follow for printing

Speaking from personal experience, being forgetful and busy, you can never be too careful. 

Before you hit print make sure you have a printer connected to your computer, otherwise you will not see a printer listed. 

You can select a printer from the Destination menu. 

You will need to click on the down arrow to see other options because by default this menu is set to “Save as PDF”

6. Take a Quick Look at Your Print Preferences: 

Choose your Print Preferences and preferred destination to print Google Calendar
Choose your Print Preferences and preferred destination

There are even MORE things you can do at this stage. If you click on “See More” after clicking the down arrow on the Destination tab, you will find other options such as Save to Google Drive or Fax, etc. 

You can even customize the number of pages you want to print out or select the number of calendars you want to print on one page. Pretty next level, huh?   

7. That’s it. Now You Can Print Your Google Calendar!    

For those who are still dubious about what may happen out there when you DO decide to print your schedule out, has thought of all kinds of Google calendar help that you might need. Feel free to use it!   

Frequently Asked Questions:  

Is there a Printable Calendar in Word?

Yes, all you need to do is open your Microsoft Word Document, click on File from at the top left corner and select New. You will find templates such as appointment or banner calendar, click on the suitable calendar and input your information such as title and key words, edit the dates, time and other details. Once you are done, again go to File, click Print, add your preferences and print it out! 

How Do I Download My Apple Calendar?            

Downloading your calendar on Mac is very straightforward. Simply choose File and then choose Print from your Mac calendar app. Choose your desired print layout and date range. Check the “text size” menu to customize how small or big the headings will appear. Select other relevant options and check the boxes beside calendars. Finally, choose the printer and click print.  

How Do I Print My Google Calendar from My iPhone

Not always, we can access our desktops and so printing out your schedule for the day becomes almost impossible but not with the iPhone. To do this, we have to firstly install Print Calendar by VREApps from the app store. It is a free app so no worries. Without further ado launch the app from your home screen and give the app permission to access your calendar. Now click the calendar icon to select a date range and click print from the gear icon. To print out a hard copy you can use Airprint. Simply select the printer icon to access a wireless printer which has been connected and get printing!    

So there you go, if you want to print your Google Calendar, the very basics are: open Google calendar, select the date/ month range, view your print previews, view your print options, select the print options you want to add, maybe go back and view the print preview one final time and lastly print your Google calendar.     

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