Reduce dysfunctional meetings

Measure and track your company's meeting health with meaningful analytics. Get AI-generated easy-to-deploy recommendations to improve employee engagement.

Optimal Schedule

Meeting Health Scores

TimeTackle  Meeting Health gives you the numbers to optimize for (like Meeting Fatigue or Deep Work Score) . Track and compare your progress over time across different teams. See how far you are from the baseline and measure the success using real data.

Reduce burnout

Meeting Schedule

Create a company-wide meeting schedule (like No Meeting Friday or Meeting Free Blocks). Use TimeTackle’s dashboard to see how teams are adopting the schedule.

Zero Waste

Meeting Cost

Calculate the anticipated cost of a meeting. Provide managers the tool to measure and improve meeting efficiencies. Understand trends in meeting cost over time, and see how your investment in TimeTackle is paying off!

Meeting Efficiency


Understand which teams are spending the most in unproductive meetings, and compare meeting health scores across different teams.

Optimized Meetings

Scheduling Recommendation (Coming Soon)

Meeting organizers and managers get periodic change recommendations with expected ROIs. TimeTackle’s scheduling assistant helps you to take the right actions to increase Meeting Health and helps adopt the best practices to increase team productivity.

Reduce Unproductive meetings

Decrease employee burnout, improve engagement.
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