Giving time back to you!

Get a real sense of where you are spending your time. Manage your time effectively with executive calendar audit.

Tag and Track

Spend your time consciously

Tag your calendar events and understand where you are actually spending your time. Learn which people, teams, and orgs you are meeting with and what frequencies.

KPI Alignment

Get a grip on your schedule

Set goals on TimeTackle that match your strategic priorities. Measure how far you are from your ideal time allocation. Align and adjust your schedule for the highest ROI.

Focus Time

Block Scheduling

Design your schedule for your optimal “manager-time”, “maker-time”, “strategy time” or “personal time” distribution. Group similar meetings together to lower context switching.

Planning and Insights

Daily/Weekly and Monthly Reports

Get a detailed daily agenda email to prep you up for your day. A weekly overview to make your mind all set for the upcoming week. Also, a monthly recap to understand if you’re on track with your goals and priorities.

Get a grip on your Time

More time for yourself, higher productivity.
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Export Google/Outlook Calendar To Excel.