mileage calculation

Track mileage from Google Calendar

Maximize your mileage claims by automatically transforming your Google Calendar into a a detailed mileage log. Tackle Mileage Tracker seamlessly integrates with your existing calendar, using the addresses in your event locations to automatically calculate mileage.

Mileage exporter

Got to travel for work? Meet clients at their place? Or maybe you’re making deliveries? Whatever the case, our Mileage Exporter feature is pretty much a game-changer for all sorts of on-site service providers. From architects to mobile professionals and delivery driversā€”you name itā€”are all using it to keep more money in their pockets come tax time. Trust us, you’re going to want in on this.

Calculate mileage from calendar events

Automatic mileage tracking

Start by plugging in your usual starting pointā€”be it your home, office, or any other regular location. With that, Tackle takes over. As long as your calendar events have locations tagged, we’ll automatically crunch the numbers for you. No more manual entries or guesswork; your travel for meetings, site visits, or any work-related trips gets logged accurately and effortlessly.

How it works

  • One-time setup: Just enter your common starting address once, and you’re all set.
  • Calendar integration:Ā Tackle syncs with your calendar, pulling in event locations to calculate your mileage.
  • Accurate mileage logs: Get precise distance tracking for every trip, ready for tax deductions, expense reporting, or billing clients.

Multiple vehicle support

If you use multiple vehicles just tag your vehicle name in use in the calendar event.

Contact to enable this feature.

Extract additional metadata

Add other metadata using TimeTackleā€™s #hashtag feature. Categorize between commute or delivery or just add notes or instructions for your accountants or your future self.

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Your mileage report, done automatically

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