Export calendars to Excel

One of our design philosophies is simple things should be simple but complex things should be possible. The things that you thought were not possible are simply a few clicks away.

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Calendar analytics​

Using Tackle you can export your calendar data with a few clicks. At the same time, we also allow you to filter, aggregate or format your data in tens of different ways to perform more complicated use cases. Our exporter has helped office administrators and CEOs alike to integrate calendar data into their workflow.

Export calendar to Excel

Tag calendar events​

Need to label your calendar events? Just use #hashtags in the calendar event description. Like #sales-call or #followup and TimeTackle will extract the tags. Not only that you can add any additional labeled data using #hashtags (ex: #distance 30 miles) and extract them into their our columns.

Tag calendar events

Merge multiple calendars​

It’s super easy to extract data from multiple calendars into a single worksheet. You can also create multiple worksheets – one per calendar.

Export multiple calendars to Excel

Day total​

If you want to aggregate data by day “Day total” option will do it for you. Super useful if you work on multiple projects and want to know how much time you are spending each day in each project. Just use the project title or #hashtag and turn on day total.​

Event and calendar colors​

Use colors to identify certain event type. Or export calendar color to create nice looking reports.​

Export attendee data​

Export attendee data to know who attended what event. Super useful if you organize training sessions – equally effective for yoga classes or take coaching classes.​

Filtering events​

Filter events by search term or tags. Use different tags or terms to filter.​

Saving your form settings​​

Once you figure out what’s the best format for your exported report you can save the form settings as template. And we will remember your choices so that next time you don’t have to fill it up one by one.​

Recurring exports​

Not only that, you can also schedule exports in different schedules and automatically receive the exported report in your email inbox.​

Supports both calendars: How to guides

Check these tutorials to learn step by step guide to how to use these features.

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