How To Export Outlook Calendar To Excel​

How To Export Outlook Calendar To Excel​

You may already have tons of data on your Outlook calendar and you are looking for ways to extract the data to create reports or to analyze your calendar events. TimeTackle makes it super easy to convert outlook calendar data. We also provide many ways to format, aggregate and filter calendar data to fit your use case.

Step 1

Login with your Outlook account

Sign in with outllook

Step 2

Select calendar and date range

Step 3

Preview your export

Preview export outlook calendar
Preview export

Step 4

Download the file

TimeTackle Tag gives meaning to your calendar events!

We just showed you the simplest way to convert your Outlook calendar data to Excel. As mentioned before, you can also perform different formatting and filtering on the data. To learn about all different options to transform your calendar data check our manual page.
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