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Google sheets

Getting calendar data in any usable format is hard. So we built Tackle. In minutes, you can get the data from your calendars in Google Sheets without requiring a developer or script tweaking. Save yourself headaches, Tackle is the fastest way to extract calendar data.

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Free up a day every month

Say goodbye to manual data entry. What're you going to do with your newly freed time?

Remove manual review

Tackle provides an error-free way to export your Google Calendar data to Google Sheets. No more eye-straining manual review!

Works out of the box

Easy-to-use, intuitive interface that feels familiar straightaway. No need to pull your hair trying to figure things out.

Fitted to your needs

Ample options to filter, format, or augment your calendar data. All your customizations are only one wish away.


High-performing teams leverage Tackle insights every day

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