Export Google Calendar to Google Sheets

View your Google Calendar events all together or look at the total hours spent over a certain period by exporting your calendar events to Google Sheets.

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Does your Google Calendar look something like this?


It’s not a sight for sore eyes especially, if you want to sort out how many hours you have spent on specific events. But what if you export Google Calendar to a spreadsheet?

Google calendar to google sheets or spreadsheet
If you export Google Calendar to Google Sheets, all your events will be in one place, and the hours invested. You can calculate the total hours worked once you import the calendar to Google Sheets.

Using Tackle

How to export Google Calendar events to Google Sheets

Have trouble exporting Google Calendar to a spreadsheet? Use Tackle and transfer your calendar to Google Sheets in 3 steps!

Step 1

Sign in with your Google account

Step 2

Filter and format your calendar data

Google calendar to spreadsheets

Step 3

Export your file to Google Sheets

Export Google calendar to spreadsheet or excel

How it helps

Benefits of exporting Google Calendar to Google Sheets

Comprehensive view​

Google Calendars can often get crammed. You may be lost in a sea of events, tasks, scheduled meetings, etc. But when you export google calendar to spreadsheet, you get an organized view. You can access a list of activities and time spent on each.

Quick processing​

When you export google calendar to spreadsheet, you have an organized list. It is easier to process data. For instance, you can track how much time each task took, whether were there any time sinks, etc.

Fast calculation​

Google Sheets is like a web-based Excel tool. So, when you export Google Calendar to spreadsheet, you can do quick calculations, use Vlookup, and Xlookup functions to identify data, and so on. Also, you can keep track of overtime hours, which makes creating invoices or payrolls easier.

Real-time accessibility

You can access your Google Calendar anytime using Wi-Fi or cellular data as it is on a spreadsheet. If required, you can make quick updates to it.

Why use Google Sheets?

You must have heard of Excel spreadsheets. Google Sheets is like an Excel spreadsheet but web-based. So, you can create, edit, and share spreadsheets in real time. Google Spreadsheet incorporates all of MS Excel’s features. You can do simple functions such as addition, average, sorting, etc. Furthermore, you can perform complex functions such as Vlookup, Xlookup, Countif, Sumif, concat, and more on Google Sheets.

But the coolest feature of Google Sheets is that, unlike MS Excel, you can access it from any platform and any place in the world. Want to send a quick spreadsheet report to a colleague? Open your mobile, go to the Google Sheets app, and share the link. Collaboration is seamless with Google Sheets. Let’s say, you have a spreadsheet file named “Export Google Calendar to Google Sheets 2023.” You want your team to simultaneously view and edit this spreadsheet. Just change the edit access to the spreadsheet and share the link.

When you import calendar to Google Sheets, people can also leave real-time comments in Google Sheets. So, collaboration and communication are super easy.

Why use Tackle?

Firstly, Tackle helps you export Google Calendar to Google Sheets with 3 steps in seconds.

Secondly, it offers variety. You can export your Google Calendar to Excel, Google Sheets, CSV, or PDF.

Finally, Tackle aims to find new ways to streamline and automate your workflow. You can convert any ICS file to a CSV file for CRM purposes.

Also, you can create custom reports using charts, and graphs that help visualize your current productivity trend. You can format and filter your calendar according to your whims. Additionally, Tackle helps you import your calendar to Google Sheets in a few seconds.

Simply, Tackle is your time-saving partner.

You can see it for yourself by taking a free trial.

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