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Know how you spend your time
How leaders spend their time is a leading indicator of their company’s performance. But your calendar is always filled with endless meetings, and you get pulled in different directions. You’re constantly overwhelmed, and it’s easy to lose sight of your priorities. Tackle’s event tagging feature makes it super easy to bucket your meetings and activities into different categories – so you don’t feel clueless anymore.
Be strategic to unlock new growth

57% of leadership time is spent on things that don’t move the KPIs. Tackle’s goal feature keeps you accountable and helps you be deliberate about where you want to spend your time. You spend more time on tasks that drive business outcomes, and your KPIs move in the right direction.

Keep your schedule aligned

Measure your schedule’s alignment with insights generated by Tackle. It forces you to say NO to pointless meetings and leverage opportunities to delegate, giving you space for more impactful work. You get more free time to spend with your friends or family. You become a 10X leader doing the same amount of work minus the stress.

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