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Categorize & Tag Events​

Categorize & tag events

Add tags to calendar events for better organization, comprehension, and easy analysis to know exactly the type of meetings you’re attending. 

Calendar Analytics​

Calendar Analytics

Analyze your and team’s productivity through the calendar analytics feature that shows you bars and charts of time spends vs time sinks or people and organizations you’ve met for at-a-glance measurement and analysis.
Export Calendar To Excel​

Export calendar to Excel

Export your Outlook or Google Calendar to an editable format for monitoring attendance, keeping track of billable hours, simple reporting and analysis purposes, or building a basic database.

Sync Google Sheet With Calendar

Link your Google Calendar to Google Sheets for building a foundational CRM or generating timesheets or if you want a customized way to track and manage all projects. 

Invoice From Calendar​

Invoice from Calendar

Churn out professional-looking invoices with the press of a button and save hours of painstakingly going through each calendar entry to manually figure out how much to charge. 

Enterprise Grade Security​

Enterprise Grade Security

Superior algorithms and encryption ensure all your data and privacy are secured and can be accessed and edited by you only. 

TimeTackle Tag gives meaning to your calendar events!

Organize your calendar events with as many labels, texts, and options as you want and analyze them using Analytics or Custom Reports.
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Export Google/Outlook Calendar To Excel.