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Strengthen your mission, track your efforts

Knowing where you invest your time helps you stay true to your mission. Ensure real alignment between your vision and operations.

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Understand where your people invest their efforts

Non-profits rely on humans to drive projects forward to achieve their mission. Efficiently tracking people’s hours across different programs and activities provides you with clarity and transparency in your operations and ensure goal alignment. 

Custom reports to communicate the value you create

Generate custom reports on time spent across various projects, broken down by participant, activity, and program. Tackle’s intuitive reporting tools, including email bots and sync with spreadsheets, help you maintain transparency with stakeholders and improve your reporting accuracy for grants and funding.

Optimize resource allocation to achieve your goals

Ensure efficient use of resources by tracking time spent on different initiatives and projects. Tackle helps you identify areas where volunteers are most effective and where additional support is needed. Maximize your organization’s impact by aligning resources with your mission-driven goals.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights