Tackle for Product and Engineering teams

Reduce dysfunctional meetings

Measure and track your company's meeting health with meaningful analytics. Enable AI-generated meeting policies to improve deep work time, reduce meeting fatigue, and improve cross-team engagement. 

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Measure and improve your team's meeting health

You cannot fix what you cannot measure. Tackle gives you the numbers to optimize for (like Meeting Fatigue Score or Deep Work Score). Track and compare your progress over time across different teams. See how far you are from the baseline, create concrete time-saving goals, and measure results using real calendar data. No extra work is needed form your team.

Design a meeting schedule that works for you

Create company wide meeting policies (like No Meeting Wednesday) and track how teams are adapting to the policies. Each team can also set their own meeting goals and discover trends and opportunities to improve with monthly reports.

Asynchronized meetings

Meeting organizers get recommendations to move their meetings to more appropriate times. Tackle’s scheduling assistant finds the best time to schedule a meeting and helps adopt the best practices and company policies to protect team’s valuable time and reduce unnecessary energy drain.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights