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Sync Google sheets with Google calendar

Smart professionals are always looking for ways to maximize their impact by streamlining their workflows. Getting your Calendar data automatically into Google Sheets can exactly do that while opening up so many new opportunities.

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Sync google calendar to google sheets

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How it helps

Streamline your workflows

Keep your exports safe, secure and in sync

Feel homely with your sync into Google Cloud. It makes encryption easy securing your 100% private data.

Share with team members

Automate your daily work report sharing with your team members and always stay in sync.

Automate and backup and restore data anytime

In case, your calendar events are accidentally deleted or lost, we're here to back you up with all the data that you need to restore your Google Calendar events.

Auto sync with Google Sheets

Connect your Calendar to Google Sheets through Tackle to create greater collaboration, streamline workflows, access Calendar data anywhere anytime, prevent time sinks, and play with the data to generate reports and charts. Create a template you’re comfortable with on Tackle, set up Google Sheets sync timeline and your Calendar will be automatically synced to Google Drive.

Effective time management

Hit your deadlines and stay organized

Using Tackle

How to sync Google Sheets with Google Calendar

You already have the data in your calendar. You just need to link them to Google Sheets in the format that works for you. Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow to securely and reliably link Google Calendar data to Google Sheets.


Although the manual way of exporting your Google Calendar to Excel could be your preferred way, it’s okay to do it for the first time. But, if you want your calendars to be exported in an organized way with all the data neatly placed under your chosen labels, there is no better way than Tackle. Moreover, only exporting a calendar won’t serve any purpose unless you analyze your calendar activities to give you a meaningful report. The only way to do so is through the automated options offered by Tackle.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights