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Sync with Google Sheets

Sync Google sheets with Google calendar

Smart professionals are always looking for ways to maximize their impact by streamlining their workflows. Getting your calendar data automatically into Google Sheets can exactly do that while opening up so many new opportunities.



How it helps

Streamline your workflows

keep your data safe
Keep your exports safe, secure and in sync

Feel homely with your sync into google cloud. It makes encryption easy securing your 100% private data.

Share with team members

Automate your daily work report sharing with your team members and always stay in sync.

automate and back up calendar data
Automate and backup and restore data anytime

In case, your calendar events are accidentally deleted or lost, we're here to back you up with all the data that you need to restore your Google calendar events.

auto sync with google calendar
Auto Sync with Google sheets

Connect your calendar to Google Sheets through Tackle to create greater collaboration, streamline workflows, access calendar data anywhere anytime, prevent time sinks, and play with the data to generate reports and charts. Create a template you’re comfortable with on Tackle, set up Google sheets sync timeline and your calendar will be automatically synced to Google Drive.

Effective Time Management

Hit your deadlines and stay organized

Custom templates

Create a template that suits your workstyle and highlights your KPIs according to your calendar events/ objectives and the audience you want to present it to.

Auto sync with Google drive

Create a template that suits your workstyle best, set up Google sheets sync timeline and your calendar will be automatically synced with Google Drive. You set the auto syncing rules and forget the rest!

Email notification

To keep everyone on track, you get notified after everytime you sync with Google Sheets. Now it’s even harder to miss an event!

Customized sync mode

To provide flexible solutions with google sheet sync, users can choose between two different sync modes: Create new file on every sync, Overwrite sheet. Select the best option that works for you!

Using Tackle

How to sync Google sheets with Google calendar

You already have the data in your calendar. You just need to link them to Google Sheets in the format that works for you. Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow to securely and reliably link Google calendar data to Google Sheets.

Phase 1

Customized fields

Your calendar entries with the start and end times of all activities can be effortlessly converted to timesheets with Tackle. Just make sure to select the fields that you want your report to have so that your timesheets will show exactly what you’ve been spending time on and the duration. To summarize, Select a calendar. Go to the report section and select a calendar. Select data to export from the customized fields. From the columns fields, select the fields of data to export.

Phase 2

Template creation

Once you know what you want and what form works for you, create a template that’s ideal for you. With templates you can streamline your workflows and prevent time sinks with ease. Write down the name of the template or select from an existing template. Now your report is ready to auto sync.

Phase 3

Sync with Google calendar

If all the inputs are done correctly your calendar sync will happen automatically. You will find ‘View all scheduled sync sections providing a more detailed preview of the sync that you are creating.


Your decisions about allocating your personal time, energy, and talent ultimately shape your life’s strategy. Review your calendar from the past month and compare how you spent your time with your strategic priorities. We are frequently unaware of how much time is consumed by our daily one on ones meetings, board meetings and business trips. We end up doing the things we are better at, the simple things, the things we love, rather than the things that we really need to do and have priority.
Tackle provides smarter ways to interact with this priceless information. Our users use the Calendar audit feature to manage their workloads and projects, foster relationships with customers, and enhance existing solutions to further automate their workflows. Combined with our Smart Tagging feature Tackle gives you a very powerful tool to bolster your and your team‘s productivity and time management skills.

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