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Improve efficiency and profit margins

Allocate the right amount of resources to projects to boost your profitability.

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Leverage real-time overview of your efforts across clients and projects

Making sure you have the right amount of resources allocated to projects and clients can make or break your business. Tackle helps you have clear visibility into time spent across different clients and projects – so you don’t lose sight of your ROI. With Tackle, you can answer questions like: which client or project takes the most resources? Or which team member spends most of their time with a particular client?

Synchronize time data with billing systems and avoid revenue leakage

Manual tracking of time spent per client not only costs time for each team member, it also leads to lag in reporting and overserving certain clients. Measuring your efforts in real-time right in your calendar enables a real-time overview of what is going on. This helps you avoid revenue leakage and easily transfer this data to your billing systems and create accurate invoices.

Make data-driven staffing decisions

In a human capital-intensive business, you rely on people and their availability, along with their competencies and preferences. You can learn from your past resource allocation and analyze the future availability of your team to make effective staffing decisions to ensure smooth project delivery and increase customer satisfaction.

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