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Calendar Analytics

Google calendar analytics

Align your executive's time spent with your KPIs, optimize your team's schedule or improve your company's meeting health.



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Seamless time tracking services for teams of any size

executive calendar audit
Executive calendar audit

Busy executives spend most of their day in meetings. With Tackle Executive Calendar Audit, align your time with your Goals and Priorities. Get a real sense of your google calendar data to see where you spend most time on and adjust your schedule for the highest ROI. 

google calendar team analytics
Team analytics

Gather deep time insights about how your team is spending time. With Tackle Team Analytics, track your team's work, identify inefficiencies in people utilization. Optimize your team's schedule for higher productivity.

Meeting health

Measure and track your company's meeting health with meaningful analytics. Get AI-generated recommendations and eliminate dysfunctional meetings to reduce the time period of meetings and increase deep work.

enterprise grade security
Enterprise security

Superior algorithms and encryption to guarantee the privacy and security of all your google calendar data.

Own your time

See exactly where your time is going

Goal setting

Set and achieve strategic goals. Connect your personal and professional goals to help you achieve them all in one place.

Analyze your goals

Get real-time project data in one place. Analyze your team’s productivity across resource units, projects and focus on your core KPIs and measure how far you are from your goals.

Work tracking

Create your analysis and charts for any date range. Monitor the status of all your projects in real time to make sure, teams are on track to meet company goals by keeping tabs on their progress. Without clear goals, people work in circles, allowing teams to reduce conflict and move in one direction.

Meeting health analysis

Get better work done. Measure and track your company’s meeting health with meaningful analytics and AI-generated recommendations to eliminate dysfunctional meetings, and focus reduce meeting fatigue and improve meeting health.

Time analytics leaderboard

Connect with your co workers and teams and check who is good, better and the best in time allocation and time management!

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