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Manage your team’s workload to maximize your margin.

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Automatically track all your agent activities
Use Tackle’s calendar integration to track your team’s activities across different buckets like inbound calls, internal meetings, or break time. Make data-informed decisions from customer engagement and agent performance trends to improve your gross margin.
Allocate the right amount of resources to different channels
Time is money, and with so many customers to serve at once, you must get the most productivity from your team members. Inefficient resource allocation can be critical to your organization’s profitability. Use Tackle to get a clear picture of utilization across different channels so that you can allocate your team member’s time optimally.
Understand and forecast your team’s capacity and utilization
Tackle integrates with tools your teams already use – like Google Calendar, Calendly, and more. With Tackle’s WFM app, you can get complete visibility into your team’s utilization and run capacity planning without scrambling over complex spreadsheets.

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