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Increase your AE and SDR team’s efficiency ​
With Tackle’s calendar and CRM integrations, you can automatically track how your teams interact with prospects and customers. Drive more revenue by ensuring your teams spend the right amount of time with each prospect based on deal size, expected close rate, and more. Or see if your teams are inundated with internal meetings and training sessions. Leverage these insights to align teams with the most impactful activities that drive real customer acquisition & conversion.
Identify and unclog pipeline bottlenecks
Tackle provides insights into your sales team’s velocity based on their real activities. This allows you to answer questions such as: How many calls does it take to onboard a customer? Is your team spending time in the right proportion to deal sizes? Are deals getting stuck at certain stages? Do you even have enough external calls scheduled for your team? Use these insights to improve your sales pipeline velocity and bring more revenue with the same headcount.
Uncover missed opportunities by mining calendar & CRM data
Prospects that you have already engaged with are much more likely to convert. Use Tackle’s workflow and filtering feature to find prospects you have already talked to but fell through the cracks. Run re-engagement campaigns by creating a custom workflow for your team or exporting those missed opportunities to your CRM or Google Sheets.

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