Google Calendar Sum Hours​

Google Calendar Sum Hours

Lets see how you can easily track the total amount of hours that your events or tasks in google Calendar would take. We will accomplish this by using  Timetackle

How to track the total time contained in your Google Calendar

You’ve already created a Google Calendar and you want to track the total amount of time that the tasks and events contained in the calendar is. One website that does the work for you is TimeTackle. There is No installation required, no hassle!

In order to track the total amount of time you will need to export the Google Calendar/s.

Here’s what you’ll see when you enter the site:


Steps to Sum Hours

TimeTackle can export your Google Calendar or Calendars (You can export more than one at a time) into various formats: XLSX, XLS (Microsoft Excel); SPREADSHEET, HTML, and PDF. Simply follow these steps

  • If you haven’t already, login using your Google account
  • Choose the Google Calendar/s you wish to export
Select a calendar
  • Specify the range (start date and end date)
  • Click on the file type you want he Google Calendar to be exported in.
Date range

Enabling Summing the total time in your Google Calendar/s

In the exporter Tab you can set these additional options before you export your Google calendar/s. Click on the additional drop down menu and you’ll see the following fields:

Checking “Sum all” will calculate the total duration of all events present in the Google Calendar to be exported.

Additional fields

Sum the time of certain events only

If you want to only track the time of certain events in your google calendar/s you can do so by using the “Search Filter” feature of TimeTackle.  The Search Filter can be found on “Filters.”

Typing words in the Search Filter will tell TimeTackle to export only events with those words present in the title of the event. This paired with the “Sum Total” option  will only sum up the total time of the events with the keywords present in them.

Here, only events with the keyword “day” will be exported and have their time tracked.

Once you are satisfied you can proceed to export your google Calendar/s. Simply select the file export type and begin exporting.


Export Google Calendar to Excel!

We just demonstrated how to convert your Google calendar data to Excel, Spreadsheet or CSV. Hope you found the instructions helpful. TimeTackle also allows you to format and filter your calendar data in different ways.
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