Custom reports

Generate custom reports

Generate custom reports to highlight key features of your calendar according to your objectives and the audience you want to present it to.

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Save time for what matters

Business calendaring beyond scheduling

merge different calendar
Merge multiple calendars

If you’re managing a team and have access to their calendars, you can create a report with all their calendars in one file. There’s no need to click on the individual calendars.

calculate your days
Calculate day total

Perfect your connections with your peers and teams. Track your interactions with your external stakeholders. Create time slots for specific teams and companies.

multiple reports
Multiple format reports

Download reports in excel, Google Sheets. Each one can be utilized in different ways. What’s more, you can also save the file to your Google Drive or download it on your computer.

sync data with google sheets
Auto Sync with Google Sheets

Connect your calendar to Google Sheets through TimeTackle to create greater collaboration, streamline workflows, access calendar data anywhere anytime, prevent time sinks, and play with the data to generate reports and charts. Create a template you’re comfortable with on TimeTackle, set up Google sheets sync timeline and your calendar will be automatically synced to Google Drive.

Generate timesheet

Your calendar entries with the start and end times of all activities can be effortlessly converted to timesheets with TimeTackle. Just make sure to add titles and descriptions to your calendar events so that your timesheets show exactly what you’ve been spending time on and the duration.

Generate Time Sheets

Sum calendar hours

If you want to see the total sum of your calendar hours, just export your calendar data through the TimeTackle Report. You can also Merge and sum the calendar hours from Outlook and Google calendars.

sum your calendar hours

Calendar summary

A calendar summary view of the selected date range is a breeze with TimeTackle. Choose your preferred calendars by checking the boxes and choose the date range. Voila! Your calendar summary is there for you!

Create attendance report

A calendar summary view of the selected date range is a breeze with TimeTackle. Choose your preferred calendars by checking the boxes and choose the date range. Voila! Your calendar summary is there for you!

create attendance reports

Time track using Google Calendar

Got too many projects and a diverse set of team members to manage? Handle all these with the time tracking reports generated with TimeTackle. Ask your teammates to have their calendars on the Share mode. This way, you can access individual calendars and track times spent on individual projects and tasks by your colleagues. What’s more, TimeTackle helps you keep track of your time too. Instead of clicking on the individual calendar events to see the time you spent, just export your calendar data directly to TimeTackle Report and check out where you’ve been spending time.

track with google calendar

Meeting room usage report

If you want to get a report of meeting spaces utilization, let TimeTackle crunch the numbers and other details for you. In the Meeting tool page of the Meeting health menu, you can find the number of hours spent in various meeting tools.

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TimeTackle is a great tool to measure times. It has helped our organization increase our accuracy in developing projects, comparing the planned- VS the real-time we take on this, making better planning and efficient our work.
Nadia Álvarez
Project Manager, Multiplica
TimeTackle allowed our CEO (Matt) to track and prioritize his time in a more optimized way. Because of this, he was able to streamline his schedule by reducing the number of recruitment meetings he was attending.
Colin McClellan
Finance Intern at Clockwise
My team and I happily use TimeTackle to crunch down on time and manual work to create timesheets for our employees. TimeTackle is easy to use, syncs smoothly with Google Suite, and offers really useful features to make the workflow even better!
Dani Peloton
Dani Duarte
Production Coordinator, Peloton
TimeTackle helped us to identify where we can optimize the calendars. The team was very supportive and open for adjustments of the tool which we needed, e.g show by events instead of hours, and is a great pleasure to work with TimeTackle and their highly competent team!
Yaprak Helen Seker
Administrative Assistant, Roche
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