Generate Custom Reports

Generate custom reports to highlight key features of your calendar according to your objectives and the audience you want to present it to.

Types of Custom Reports

Generate many types of custom reports with flexibility along with various filters

Generate Timesheet

Your calendar entries with the start and end times of all activities can be effortlessly converted to timesheets with TimeTackle. Just make sure to add titles and descriptions to your calendar events so that your timesheets show exactly what you’ve been spending time on and the duration.

Sum calendar hours

If you want to see the total sum of your calendar hours, just export your calendar data through the TimeTackle Exporter. All you need to do after selecting your calendar and the date range is to check the box beside the Sum all option. The report will show both the individual activities duration and the sum calendar hours.

Sum Calendar Hours​

Calendar Summary

A calendar summary view of the selected date range is a breeze with TimeTackle. Choose your preferred calendars by checking the boxes and choose the date range. Press the Preview and Export Download button. Voila! Your calendar summary is there for you!

Time Track Using Google Calendar

Got too many projects on your plate and a diverse set of team members to manage? You can handle these all with the time tracking reports that you can generate with TimeTackle. Ask your teammates to have their calendars on the Share mode. This way, you can access individual calendars and track times spent on individual projects and tasks by your colleagues. What’s more, TimeTackle helps you keep track of your time too. Instead of clicking on the individual calendar events to see the time you spent, just export your calendar data directly to TimeTackle Exporter and check out where you’ve been spending time.

Time Track Using Google Calendar​

Generate Invoice

At the touch of a button, create professional invoices. If you’re working on an hourly rate basis, TimeTackle is there to generate invoices for you using a built-in template. Just choose the calendar, date range, and add filters with tags to ensure only relevant events are taken into account. Fill in the template with basic details like whom you want to send the invoice to, project name, and deadlines, along with your details. Save the invoice in either PDF or Excel format.

Create Attendance Report

When you start writing the meeting minutes, do you have to think carefully and try to remember who the attendees were? Don’t waste time over these details. Just hook your calendar with TimeTackle and generate an attendance report. Head toward the Attendee option on the TimeTackle Exporter page and fill in the details about attendees – who accepted the meeting, who declined, who attended, etc. Once you fill in the relevant details and export your calendar data with TimeTackle, the report will show the attendees list.

Create Attendance Report​

Meeting Room Usage Report

If you want to get a report of meeting spaces utilization, let TimeTackle crunch the numbers and other details for you. In the Exporter, fill in all the fields and some additional ones under Additional and Attendee options. When you add information like where the meeting took place, the organizer, the attendees, etc., you get a report that shows you at a glance if there were enough people to justify the meeting space usage.


The flexibilities & options you needed

Merge Multiple Calendars ​

Merge Multiple Calendars

If you’re managing a team and have access to the calendars of your teammates, you can create a report with all their calendars in one file. There’s no need to click on the individual calendars. From a single file, you can access multiple calendar data on different sheets.

Multiple Format Reports​

Multiple format reports

Choose from a wide variety of formats to customize your calendar reports. Download reports in excel, PDF, HTML, OpenDocument, or CSV files. Each one can be utilized in different ways – just for viewing or for use in database applications. What’s more, you can also save the file to your Google Drive or download it on your computer.

Calculate Day Total​

Calculate Day Total

If you’re a consultant juggling multiple projects, you can find out how much time you spend daily on each project by generating a day total report. Make sure to use a hashtag to name your project and activate the day total option in the Additional fields section of TimeTackle Exporter.

Sync With Google Sheets​

Sync With Google Sheets

Connect your calendar to Google Sheets through TimeTackle to create a greater team and client collaboration, streamline workflows, access calendar data anytime from anywhere, prevent time sinks of creating spreadsheets and updating them, and play with the data to generate reports and charts. Create a template you’re comfortable with on TimeTackle and your calendar will be automatically synced to Google Sheets.

how it helps

Benefits of generating custom reports

Easily use your existing calendar data

With so much information stored in the calendar, you can use them easily to create custom reports without wasting time by opening a new excel or doc file and starting from scratch. There’s no need to refer to meeting minutes or any other records as everything is on the calendar.

Optimize people interactions

When you type in an appointment in your calendar, you also add with whom you are going to have the meeting. With calendar analytics, you can see whom you met and the amount of time you spent with them. This can go a long way in optimizing your people interactions as you become more aware of whom you should interact more or less with.

Saves time

Thanks to custom reports, you can save time by getting recurring reports according to the schedule you have set on your TimeTackle Exporter. Plus, you can save a template of your choosing on Exporter and never have to click the same fields again. Your reports will be generated using the same form template, saving you time.

Identify over/under-utilization of team members

For managers, calendar analytics gives a clear picture of how well their team members are being utilized. You can easily map the activities of your colleagues and identify if anyone is being over- or underutilized. It also helps you to make a more fair distribution of meetings among the team members.

TimeTackle Tag gives meaning to your calendar events!

Organize your calendar events with as many labels, texts, and options as you want and analyze them using Analytics or Custom Reports.
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