How to Export Google Calendar to Google Spreadsheet and Excel

Your calendars are essentially records of all your work related events. TimeTackle allows you to extract the data and use them in new ways to automate your workflows. You can also create custom reports with the data to analyze how you or your team are spending time. Timetackle also provides many ways to format, aggregate and filter calendar data to fit your use case.

Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow to securely and reliably export Google calendar data to Google Spreadsheet, Excel or CSV.

Step 1

Sign in with your Google account

  • Click on the Login/Signup button at the top right corner

  • Click on Sign in with Google to login with your Google account

Step 2

Select calendars and date range

  • After you log in, check the calendar(s) you want to export.

  • Then, pick the start and end date for your export.

Step 3

Preview your export

  • Now preview your data by clicking the Preview export button at the bottom of the page.

  • TimeTackle will now process your calendar data and show you a nice preview of the spreadsheet.

Step 4

Download the file as Spreadsheet

  • You can now choose the file format you want. You can export as Google Spreadsheet, Excel, CSV or PDF.
  • Now click on the download button to download the file to your computer in your chosen format.

We just demonstrated how to convert your Google calendar data to Excel, Spreadsheet or CSV. Hope you found the instructions helpful. TimeTackle also allows you to format and filter your calendar data in different ways. The manual page covers other options to customize you calendar data export.

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