A little about why we do what we do​​

Time is precious - we are in the mission to help you spend it more mindfully.

Our calendars are sources of some invaluable data – we log our to-do lists, schedule our meetings and keep our appointments. The concept of calendaring has been evolving with changing needs of ourselves and our businesses. It’s not a mere schedule anymore; rather, it’s become a source of all sorts of useful meta-data surrounding events. It is essentially a “time-series database” – the “source of truth” for how we spend our time and who we interact with.

At Tackle, we aim to help our users utilize this data to make more informed scheduling decisions to enable 10x more ROI on their time spent.

At this time, we’re doing this by providing analytics from your existing calendar. Such analytics are already benefitting both at the individual level (like CEOs, VCs, EAs) and the team and enterprise level. Nonetheless, this current workflow still requires a good amount of manual effort.
Our long-term goal is to build an intelligent, integrated, and programmable calendar – that can automate most of your scheduling while keeping the calendar aligned with business priorities to maximize productivity.

We can’t wait to build the next generation of business calendar that:

  • Presents complete visibility into your time by providing reporting and alerting.
  • Gives you options to set goals and rules about how you want to spend your time and then automates the end-to-end scheduling process.
  • Provides a seamless calendaring experience by integrating with other software/enterprise solutions.

We hope you will join us on this journey. Happy time Tackling!

Our values

Help users to achieve their best

We love to see our users achieve success in whatever they are doing. We will go above and beyond to help them to get there.

Leave things better than we found​

We always make things better as we go – be it software code or people’s lives. We continuously iterate and relentlessly improve.

Take creative risks

We are not afraid to take the road less traveled. We curiously try out new things, learn from our failures quickly and embrace change.

Always be shipping

We are creators at heart – we make things happen and get shit done. We take pride and joy in building and shipping software products.


Meet our team​

Syam Anupom

Founder & CEO

Fariah Mahzabeen​

Co-Founder & COO ​

Hasan Mahmud​

Head of Product / Design​

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