About us

A little about why we do what we do.

We are in the mission to solve time tracking and management problem through the usage of effective analytics and automation.

We launched TimeTackle twelve years ago to provide a simple way to create timesheets directly from the calendar data. In these years we got tens of thousands of professionals and businesses using our product hundreds of thousands of time!

Along these years we realized that our users’ workflows don’t stop at exporting calendar events. It’s a small part of a much bigger equation. That lead us to follow our users in tackling the problem of time and resource management.

Our calendars are sources of some invaluable data – we log our work, store our meetings, send or accept event invites. In this era, the concept of the calendar has changed fundamentally. It’s not a mere schedule anymore, rather it became a source of all sorts of useful meta-data surrounding events. We aim to provide flexible interfaces for our users to interact with calendar data in innovative new ways.

Our calendars contain information on how we spend our time – the most valuable asset in our lives. We think by combining the calendar data with analytics and automation we can develop sensible solutions to tackle the time management problems for both individuals and businesses.

We measure our success not by how many users we have but by how much time we are saving. Hope we will be able to provide you enough value.

Happy Time Tackling!

A few of the amazing brands who trust us with their time.

Our values

Help users to achieve their best

We love to see our users to achieve success in whatever they are doing. We will go above and byeond to help them to get there.

Leave things better than we found

We always make things better as we go – be it software code or people’s lives. We continuously iterate and relentlessly improve.

Take creative risks

We are not afraid to take the road less traveled. We curiously try out new things, learn from our failures and embrace change.

Always be shipping

We are creators at heart – we make things happen and get shit done. We take pride and joy in building and shipping software products.


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