Categorize and Tag Events

Categorize and tag Calendar events

Smart professionals are always looking for ways to maximize their impact by streamlining their workflows. Getting your calendar data automatically into Google Sheets can exactly do that while opening up so many new opportunities.

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How it helps

Tackle tag makes it easy to analyze your calendar data by giving meaning to your events.

ease of use google calendar

Ease of use

Seamless integration with Google Calendar using Tackle Chrome Extension. Inline #Hashtags to easily add tags to your events.

flexibility in google calendar


Easy to add any type of additional information to your events to make them more meaningful. Helps you to organize your calendar data in a structured way.

data analytics


Visualize and analyze tags using Tackle Analytics. Create Custom Reports using Google Sheets or Excel.


The encrypted format of adding details to your calendar is for your eyes only, giving you complete privacy.

Why is it important?

Unlock your calendar's true potential

Tag and analyze with Chrome Extension
Obsessed with keeping track of everything and anything? Tackle chrome extension is for you. Check out your weekly/ monthly productivity audit and tag your events on the fly.
Less work and more tagging
Too busy to tag each event? With Auto Tagging rules, we take care of all your tagging so you can focus on your priorities.
Color your calendar with color codes

Color codes help you identify similar sorts of projects easily. You can automatically color code each tag to identify similar calendar events using Tag colors.

Calendar auditing

Categorize your time distribution and get a visualization of just where you are spending too much unnecessary time. Tackle allows you to create calendar categories that you can use to organize your tasks into different color-coded calendars.

Domain based auto tagging

When you have regular meetings across organizations, setting up domain-based auto tagging rules will be a real time saver

Tagging with team members

If you’re over-occupied, feel free to add a team member so that they can do all the tagging for you while you can focus on more important projects/deadlines.

How to use it

Make your calendar 4X more powerful using Tackle tag.

Phase 1

Add tags on the Tackle web app

Phase 2

Install the Tackle chrome extension

Phase 3

Add tags to your Google Calendar events

Phase 4

Analyze your calendar

Now let’s go back to the Insights page of your Tackle account. Here, you can analyze the data in your calendar by choosing from several chart options. This tool captures the calendar data and categorizes them through the tags. So, you can see the charts of calendar events and activities according to the tags assigned.

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