Sync Google Sheets with Google Calendar

Smart professionals are always looking for ways to maximize their impact by streamlining their workflows. Getting your calendar data automatically into Google Sheets can exactly do that while opening up so many new opportunities.

With TimeTackle’s Google Sheets sync, you can essentially build your own application that can act like a project management system or a lightweight CRM or an employee timesheet – the possibilities are endless.

You already have the data in your calendar. You just need to link them to Google Sheets in the format that works for you. Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow to securely and reliably link Google calendar data to Google Sheets.

Step 1

Export your calendar

Export calendar to Excel
Create form template

Step 2

Create a form template

Step 3

Link to your Google Sheets

* TimeTackle can only access the files created by itself. TimeTackle does not have read or write access to any other files in your Google Drive.

Link Google Sheets
Create Google Sheets Sync

Step 4

Schedule automatic sync

* Sync happens midnight at your chosen timezone.

* Summary and Next export on sections provide a more detailed preview of the sync that you are creating.

Your calendars contain information about how your team or your company spend their invaluable time. TimeTackle provides smarter ways to interact with this priceless information. Once you sync the data to Google spreadsheets you can virtually do anything you want with the data.

Our users use the Google Sheets Sync feature to manage their workforce and projects, maintain relationships with their customers and build other tools to automate their workflows. Combined with our Smart Tagging feature TimeTackle gives you a very powerful tool to bolster your and your team‘s productivity.

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