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Tackle is helping us extract data from our partners’ calendars (with their permissions of course) and create a crucial list of their relevant meetings that they can audit weekly. Tackle helps us to create this list efficiently in minutes rather than spending some manual hours.
Erika Benadom
EA to CEO at Ridge Ventures
Tackle has been a game changer in terms of helping my CEO manage his time. It gives me raw data to review at the end of every month about where he spent his time. I love being able to customize the graphs on Tackle's "Insights" page so I know that the data I'm sharing with my CEO is most relevant!
Hayden Wight
Executive Assistant to CEO at Trainual
My favorite part of tackle is Insights. We also love tagging and automated tagging, but the Insights page is where we live and breathe.The Insights page lets us view and manipulate the data in different ways - that’s really helpful.
Katrina Wardell
Chief of Staff, Sylva
Tackle helps my busy boss better focus his time on areas he wants by analyzing events. Tackle is easy to use and still very informative. Nice design, nice outlook, nice support. What else do you need?
Judit Shaban
Personal Assistant, at Recart
“Using tackle, it's extremely insightful to compare how a week of work "feels" against what the data is actually showing us. Armed with this information, we can make decisions about how to alter our priorities and reach our goals.”
Casey Gover
Executive Assistant to the CEO, Flex
Tackle helped us to identify where we can optimize the calendars. The team was very supportive and open to feedback. It's a great pleasure to work with Tackle and their highly competent team!
Yaprak Helen Seker
Tackle is an integral part of our sales process. It has allowed us to make sure that all of the revenue opportunities that we pursue don't fall off and has increased our existing client engagement by 70%!
Zach Kubin
Adelaide Metrics Inc
We use Tackle to crunch down on time and create timesheets for our employees. Tackle is easy to use, syncs smoothly with Google Suite, and offers really useful features to make the workflow 10x better!
Dani Peloton
Dani Duarte

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