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Make your time count

Get insights from calendar data to maximize team performance. Turn your calendar into a workspace for your customer-facing teams.


Audit calendars

Bringing intelligence to business calendaring

Level up your calendaring game

Deeply integrated with your existing calendars

Calendar analytics

Align your time with your KPIs, optimize your team’s schedule

Calendar Analytics provides you with a visual analysis of your time. Spend time on what matters, align your schedule with your priorities and eliminate time sinks to 10x your productivity.

Calendar analytics

Tag and track​​

Tag your calendar events, track where the time is spent

Bucket your calendar events into categories with our Chrome Extension or Automatic Rules. Seamlessly add tags and properties to track meeting types, projects, appointments etc.

Custom reports

Track productivity, attendance, and billable hours

Export Google Calendar to Excel or Sync Google Sheets with your calendar to create custom reports. Automatically generate timesheets and invoices from your calendar events. Effortlessly track productivity, attendance, and billable hours.

Custom reports

Sync with Google Sheets

Streamline your workflows

Streamline your workflow by automatically syncing your calendar data into Google Sheets. Create lightweight CRM, attendance tracking, or any custom system without writing any code. Simplify and speed up your scheduling game with data-driven insights.

Trusted and used by 300+ teams

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Trusted and used by 300+ teams

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