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Maximize customer-facing team performance and well-being with insights from calendar data. Spend time on what matters to boost revenue.

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Audit calendars

Workforce intelligence that needs no work

Event Tagging

Attach tags or properties to calendar events to categorize, enrich, track time, and more.

Analytics & Insights​

Get actionable insights for your team with pre-built and custom charts.


Create pages with pre-saved filters and filtering to switch between different views quickly.

Extension & Integrations​

Push and pull data seamlessly with our Chrome Extension or integrations with CRM, Google Calendar, etc.


Track goals and hold yourself and your team accountable to manage your time efficiently.

AI & Automation​

Use AI-generated recommendations or create rules to automatically tag events.​

How Tackle can help

Customer facing teams

As a CX Leader improving efficiency and capacity planning are your prime concerns. Tackle helps you manage your team’s workload optimally to maximize your margin.

Agencies and Professional Services

Agencies run on human capital. Making sure you have the right resources allocated to projects and clients can make or break your business. Tackle helps you have clear visibility into your operation so you don’t lose sight of your ROI.

Sales, Revenue ops, and enablement

Boosting revenue is the #1 priority for CROs and Sales Leaders. Tackle helps you strategically align your team’s time to drive the bottom line.

Executives and EAs

Where top leaders spend their time is a leading indicator of your company’s future growth, but 57% of leadership actions are misaligned. Use Tackle to run calendar audits and maximize your impact.

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