Analyze calendar data, optimize team's time

Interact with your calendar data in new innovative ways to smarten up your workflow. Seamlessly track work, measure team productivity and adjust schedules to improve efficiency.

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Business calendaring beyond scheduling

Track Hours and Team Productivity​
Data driven scheduling assistance

Understand what you and your team are spending time on. Audit and adjust schedules to make your team efficient.

Optimize People Interactions​
Optimize people interactions

Perfect your connections with your peers and teams. Track your interactions with your external stakeholders. Create time slots for specific teams and companies.

Measure and improve meeting health

Understand the overall meeting load across the organization. Identify and eliminate time sinks.

Calendar Analytics

Align your time with your KPIs, optimize your team’s schedule

Calendar Analytics provides you a visual breakdown of your time. See exactly where you or your team are spending their time. Improve productivity by aligning your calendar with your KPIs. Discover and eliminate your team’s time sinks, adjust schedule to make your team more effective.

Calendar Analytics​
Tag and Track​

Tag and Track

Tag your calendar events, track where the time is spent

Categorize your calendar events using our Chrome Extension or Automatic Rules. Track what project your team is working on, what type of appointments you are getting, or what meetings you are attending. Use Tag based time blocking to keep your team’s time aligned with your goals.

Scheduling Assistance

Create and automate your preferred weekly meeting schedule

Create optimal time allocation for yourself or your team that’s aligned with your priorities. Make data driven decisions to set time slots for your stakeholders and meeting types.

Meeting Scheduling Assistance
Custom Reports​

Custom Reports

Track productivity, attendance, and billable hours

Export Google Calendar to Excel or Sync Google Sheets with your Calendar to create custom reports. Track productivity, attendance, and billable hours. Or create a lightweight customer database from your calendar events.

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Export Google/Outlook Calendar To Excel.