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Audit and analyze your existing calendar data to increase your team’s efficiency. Improve productivity by tracking work, appointments, and attendance.

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TimeTackle Gives Wings to your calendar data

Measure and Improve Meeting Health

Align your calendar with your KPIs. Understand the overall meeting load across the organization. Identify and eliminate time sinks.

Track Hours and Team Productivity​

Track Hours and Team Productivity

Understand what your team is spending time on. Audit and adjust appointments or schedules to make your team efficient.


Optimize People Interactions​

Optimize People Interactions

Perfect your connections with your peers and team members. Track your interactions with your external stakeholders.


power up your calendar

Your calendar is the “source of truth” for how you work and who you interact with.

Tag and Track

Categorize your calendar events using our Chrome Extension or #Hashtag. Track what project your team is working on, what type of appointments you are getting, or what meetings you are attending. Use Analytics or Custom Reports to extract and analyze your tags.

Tag and Track​
Calendar Analytics​

Calendar Analytics

Calendar Analytics provides you a visual breakdown of your time. See exactly where your team’s time is going. Improve productivity by measuring and reducing your time sinks. You can also customize your charts and share them with others.

Custom Reports

Export Google Calendar to Excel or Sync Google Sheets with your Calendar to create custom reports. Track productivity, attendance, and billable hours. Or create a lightweight customer database from your calendar events.

Custom Reports​

Export Google Calendar to Excel

Export Google Calendar to Excel​

Connect Google or Outlook account

TimeTackle makes it super easy to export your Google or Outlook Calendar. First Connect TimeTackle with your Google Account via secure Google API.

Select time period of calendar

Choose the time period you want to export. You have different options to choose from. You can also merge multiple Google Calendars.

Export google calendar to Excel, PDF or CSV

Click the appropriate button at the bottom of the page to Export your Google Calendar to Excel, Spreadsheet, PDF, CSV file and other formats

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Your calendars are more than schedules. They are sources of invaluable information.

Gather insights from your calendar, automatically maintain timesheets and submit invoices, smartly calculate mileage from calendar events. Sync Google Sheets with calendar or export Google calendar to Excel to create custom reports.

Timesheets, Invoice, Mileage tracking​

Timesheets, Invoice, Mileage tracking

Use pre-built templates to generate timesheets and invoices. Effortlessly track work hours of hourly employees. Automatically calculate your mileage directly from your calendar events.
Tag and track meetings and attendence​

Tag and track meetings and attendence

Simply hashtag your events to categorize meetings and dertermine what you spending time on. Find class attendence directly from calendar events. Or detect usage of conference rooms.

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