Google Calendar Analytics

Calendar audit is a powerful tool to get a grip on your Google calendar. It is immensely useful to calibrate where you think you spend your time vs where you actually spend your time.

Google Calendar Analytics​
Who is it for?

How do you know if you or your team are spending time as intended?

Executive Assistants​

Executive Assistants

Busy executives spend most of their day in meetings. But do you ever stop to ask if that meeting help you reach your goals? Do you have a real sense of where you spend your time?

Project Managers​

Project Managers

Gather useful insights about how your team or an entire org is spending time. Is your team getting enough time to do the work or are they occupied by internal meetings and trainings? 



CXOs, Head of orgs and Executive Assistants use TimeTackle’s Calendar Analytics to align how the time is being spent with their priorities. Are they spending time on the high priority projects?

how to use it

Learn. Prioritize. Repeat.

Categorize Events​

Categorize Events

Simply use #hashtags on your calendar event description to categorize events. Like #strategy-planning or #board-meetings and TimeTackle will extract and categorize the tags.

TimeTackle provides a Chrome extension to make it even easier to create and manage categories.

Automatic Categorization

TimeTackle also can categorize events automatically based on rules. Some of the rules are builtin, such as: internal vs external meetings, recurring vs non-recurring or one:one vs group meetings. But you can also set rules based on attendees and search terms. As an example, if you are meeting someone in your team you can automatically tag them as team_one_one.

Automatic Categorization​
Team Analysis​

Team Analysis

Group people into teams and analyze how the group is spending their time. Understand how different teams are communicating with each other or with external organizations.

Measure, Learn And Adjust

Most often, you or your team are not as aligned as well as you think. You end up doing things that you seemingly just have to get done at that moment or end up doing things that are pushed on to you. We usually prefer to work on this that we enjoy instead of the things that are most meaningful and impactful. Identify your top five priorities for the quarter or the month and look back any moment to see how your time is mapped to those priorities. Learn what is going well and what is not and adjust accordingly.

how it helps

analyze your calendar data by giving meaning to your events.

Reduce unproductive meetings

Since all your meetings are recorded in your Google calendar, when you take a look at the meetings you attended in the past week or month, you can identify which meetings were unproductive. Any meeting is unproductive in which you had nothing to inform or give your input or approval. Thus, the Google calendar analytics help you to reduce unproductive meetings.

Optimize people interactions

When you type in an appointment in your calendar, you also add with whom you are going to have the meeting. With calendar analytics, you can see whom you met and the amount of time you spent with them. This can go a long way in optimizing your people interactions as you become more aware of whom you should interact more or less with.

Align calendar with KPI

Part of your KPI could be the number of people and organizations you meet over a time period. This is especially applicable for those who work in the Sales or PR team. Calendar analytics that extracts the meeting information from your calendar can help you stay on course of fulfilling your KPIs. Besides, by keying in all your tasks and assigning deadlines to them, you can keep a track on their progress and align them with your KPIs.

Identify over/under-utilization of team members

For managers, calendar analytics gives a clear picture of how well their team members are being utilized. You can easily map the activities of your colleagues and identify if anyone is being over- or underutilized. It also helps you to make a more fair distribution of meetings among the team members.

TimeTackle Tag gives meaning to your calendar events!

Organize your calendar events with as many labels, texts, and options as you want and analyze them using Analytics or Custom Reports.
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