Deep Work 101: A complete guide to deep work for beginners

Deep work by Cal Newport

In our increasingly distracted society, it’s hard to claim there’s any greater skill than focus. From meetings to emails to calls to multitasking, our days are getting more and more dispersed. And so are our minds. Just think about your relationship with communication technologies. In our own research, we found that the majority of knowledge […]

Indistractable by Nir Eyal: Book Review


The classic hallmark of growing up in a conventional brown family is having your phone blamed for all of your shortcomings. Got bad grades in an exam? Blame your phone. You seem moody and sad? Blame your phone. You’re really sick? Also, blame your phone. And while convincing my technologically inept parents that my phone […]

Top Take-Outs From Death By Meeting

Book review blog - Death By Meeting

Death By Meeting is yet another book by Patrick Lencioni that has valuable lessons for business executives and managers. Although the book is in the form of a fable, the situations it portrays are all too real for any organization and C-suite executives and above. From the lack of leadership skills to inefficient meetings, Death […]