7 resources to take your remote work culture to the next level

9 resources to improve your remote culture

Communication between team members is always hard because you’re asking a group of people with different personalities, backgrounds, and experiences to get along right away and understand each other well enough to work well together. Even a lot of people who live in the same house can’t do that. Then there’s the problem of communicating […]

How global VC firms can manage relationships and deals across international teams

Sales Metrics That Highly Productive Teams Track

Even on small investment teams, it can be hard to keep track of all the different investment opportunities and make sure everyone is on the same page. When teams work in different offices, countries, and time zones, the challenge only gets harder. Here are some ways that your company can keep managing its pipeline well […]

10 Team meeting questions managers are asking in 2022

10 Team meeting questions managers are asking in 2022

The best way to build the kind of organizational knowledge that can change a company’s culture, team morale, high-performing productivity levels, and overall employee engagement is through check-in meetings that are timely, relevant, and thorough. After 1:1s, team meetings are the second most important thing on any mangers calendar. Team meetings give the team a […]