Tackle helps me bring data to my executive about his calendar and better illustrate how he's spending his time

Casey Gover, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Flex

Casey Gover has 3+ years of experience in different executive roles. She is currently Executive Assistant at Flex, a Financial service which is changing the way the world pays and collects rent.

1. Let’s start with a little intro, what’s your current role at Flex? What has been the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Executive Assistant to the CEO.

2. Tell us a little more about your overall career and any advice for those aspiring to pursue this career path.

I started in customer support at another tech company. After doing that for a few years, I landed a role on their Learning & Development team, which consisted of just three people. After doing that for a bit, I realized that my favorite parts of the job revolved around operations and “running the show” behind the scenes, rather than the actual teaching portion of it. I thought that being an assistant was something I might be good at. There weren’t any open EA positions available at my then-company, so I connected with one of our VPs who looked like he could use some help. I proposed a job description of being his EA, and he agreed! That’s how I became an EA.

3. Time is of essence to have such a successful career, how did you master time-management? Any thoughts, especially around managing your or your team’s calendars?

Understanding priorities is a crucial part of good calendar management. Aligning with your team and executive on what’s most important will help you understand how to best organize the calendar.

4. On a related note, we are trying to make business calendaring more intelligent. Can you say one or two lines about how Tackle has helped you solve your calendaring problems? We would also love to know your favorite feature of Tackle in a few words.

Tackle helps me bring data to my executive about his calendar and better illustrate how he’s spending his time. It’s extremely insightful to compare how a week of work “feels” against what the data is actually showing us. Armed with this information, we can make decisions about how to alter our priorities and reach our goals.


Flex splits your bills into smaller, stress-free payments throughout the month.


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