Export Google Calendar to Spreadsheet

View your Google calendar events all together or look at the total hours spent over a certain period by exporting your Google calendar events to a spreadsheet.

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export google calendar to spreadsheets

What is a Spreadsheet?

A spreadsheet is a file containing rows and columns where you add data in a tabular form. This type of file enables you to manipulate the data and use formulas that can perform complex calculations.


Spreadsheets are most commonly used to store and organize data such as revenue, payroll, and accounting information. Spreadsheets allow the user to perform calculations on the data as well as generate graphs and charts.

How it helps

Benefits of Exporting Google Calendar to CSV

Complete view

View all your calendar events together after exporting your Google calendar to a spreadsheet along with the duration of every activity, where it was held, etc. Say goodbye to event by event clicking and save time!

Quick processing

A spreadsheet of calendar events helps you to process quickly where and how much time you’ve been spending. This helps immensely to spot time sinks and whether you’ve been neglecting to invest time in tasks that needed your input.

Fast calculation

Employee by employee and project by project analysis is easier when the spreadsheet shows the events from your Google calendar. This is particularly applicable when calculating the pay of part-timers or employees who are paid on an hourly rate.

All-time accessibility

Access your calendar data anytime, even when you’re away from the Wi-fi, with the help of all your calendar events exported to a spreadsheet. You can edit or add data to get customized reports.

Using TimeTackle

How To Export Google Calendar To CSV

With TimeTackle you can export your Google Calendar to a spreadsheet in just a few steps.

Step 1

Sign in with your Google account

Sign in to TimeTackle

Step 2

Go to "Report" page

Export calendars

Step 3

Select the data fields and preview your calendar

select the columns

Step 4

Download the file as Spreadsheet

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