TimeTackle Exporter Manual

Welcome to “The Exporter Manual”. In this manual, we will introduce you to different calendar export related components of TimeTackle.

This page is more of a glossary of things than a guide. To understand “how to” perform different operations please take a look at the guides page.

The Side Menu

After you login to TimeTackle you will see a Menu on the left hand side that looks like this:

Calendar Exporter Menu

This is the side menu. It lists different tabs of the TimeTackle. You can click on a menu item to visit a specific tab. Let’s take a quick look at the menu items.

Exporter Tab

The exporter tab is where you will primarily export your calendars. There are various settings and preferences in the exporter form to format, aggregate and filter the exported data.

Calendar Exporter Tab

Basic options

Advanced options

Maybe you want to have more control on the data and format to be exported. There are plenty of advanced options available to control the output.

Advanced Export Options

There are 5 subsections: Additional, DateTime Format, Filters, Attendees and Advanced. Each subsection can be expanded to access more options in it. Click on the downward arrow beside each subsection to expand.


This section contains some additional operations, fields, transformations and formatting options.

Additional Export Options

DateTime Format

DateTime Format section provides options to format date and times in exported files.

Exporter Date Time Format


Apply different filters to exclude events.

Export Filters


Control what attendee fields you want to include.

Calendar Attendee Export


Contains advanced controls, such as TimeZone selection. In most cases, you don’t need to change these options.

Advanced Calendar Export Options

Templates Tab

NOTE: Before you can use templates, you must first create a template from the Exporter tab.

Templates are stored form settings. You can load the saved form settings anytime from your exporter tab to quickly fill out the form. Templates tab contain all saved templates.

Export Calendar Templates

Using Templates

You can save current form settings as Templates to be loaded later for quick exports or to set up recurring exports.

Save Calendar Export Settings

Recurring Exports Tab

If you have to export a calendar periodically, Recurrent Export is of big help. In recurring export tab, you can configure pre-scheduled recurring calendar exports using a pre-defined template.

You will need to enable Offline access before you can use this feature. As this feature needs to access your calendar data when you are not using the application.

As an example, if you need to perform export every Monday for the previous week, you can schedule a recurring export to do the job for you even when you are sleeping :). Exported reports are automatically emailed to the user.

Create Recurring Exports

Recurring calendar export