10 Productivity memes to get over Monday blues

Top 10 productivity meme
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Do you eagerly wait for Fridays and dread Saturday nights? If yes, you aren’t lazy. You’re human.

Work is important, and success is desirable. But ‘Monday Blues’ is the real deal. None of us want to go back to crunching numbers and greeting supervisors after Sunday Night Football.

Productivity is admirable. But you need a break, especially after viewing a zillion productivity reels or shorts on Instagram and YouTube.

I mean, Andrew Tate’s voice in your head does get on your nerves at some point.

So, if you are getting a rare or constant case of Monday blues, try not to fret over it. Instead, go through these productivity memes. A healthy dose of humor might kick your mood up a notch.

And if you can’t finish this read in one go, don’t be anxious. You aren’t supposed to be productive when looking at memes.

Productivity memes: Jumpstart your Mondays

1. Stanley from ‘The Office‘ is relatable

People always thought Stanley was a grumpy man unhappy with his life. But in reality, he just didn’t want to work anymore.

This productivity meme hits hard because people are dissatisfied with our jobs. The only thing they look forward to while working is when the clock strikes five, and they will get to go home.

We don’t want to work but need to pay the bills. So, we drag ourselves to work like Stanley until we retire.

All seriousness aside, Stanley does look pretty miserable in this productive meme.

2. The classic 9-5 worker

When does a person become grumpy like Bernie? When you have to do the same stuff 5 days a week for the entire year.

Now, you don’t have to be old to become crotchety. Monotony can trigger bad moods as well.

If you are constantly in a bad mood, a change of scenario can help. Try taking a small vacation or watching an episode of stand-up comedy.

You could also surf through productivity memes for a few minutes for a break.

3. Remote jobs were supposed to be fun

Remote jobs were supposed to be the holy grail for employees. How hard could it be to work from the comfort of your home?

Turns out, if you don’t set proper boundaries, life can become like Ross’ in this funny work meme.

Lines between personal and professional life can become blurry when you are a remote employee. If you don’t set ground rules, you may end up attending meetings or filing reports even on holidays.

Set up a workspace at your home. Also, ensure that your employer knows which are your preferred hours of the day.

4. Temporary ‘Hustler’ mentality

We all have that temporary spurt in productivity. Watching hard-work memes or quotes gets us pumped up for the week.

However, the hustler mentality leaves as soon as it arrives. The reason is we set unrealistic goals for ourselves. We prioritize instant gratification over long-term well-being.

5. Lack of planning

Often meeting agendas aren’t specified beforehand. This results in employees wasting time on redundant stuff in the name of “important discussion.” Rather, meetings should be goal-oriented, have set timeline of each agenda topic and should stick to the timeline.

The following productive meme displays the frustration of employees when you have to join for a meeting that could have been a simple text.

Some supervisors randomly assign meetings for the mere display that their employees are working. However, this demoralizes employees and reduces the significance of emergency sit-downs.

6. The “Go Team” guy

This productivity meme is relatable to all of us as we have worked with all the characters mentioned in the meme. Probably, we have been some of these.

Which one of the following characters in this team meme are you? Well, it’s up to you to decide.

An effective work assignment has a positive impact on the team. However, ineffective work assignments, inappropriate rewards, or criticisms can be demotivating for workers.

Also, people voluntarily slack off at work because they lack accountability towards the job. You cannot force someone to be accountable through job threats or pay cuts.

Accountability stems from respect towards the job. Your work must mean something to you. Only then you can be more diligent.

7. Product management stonks

The problem with product management is that no one takes it seriously. The complaints pass through the chain of command and end up in a file among millions of others.

The term ‘backlog’ probably frustrates employees more than anything. It’s the answer to every query or problem, especially in multinational companies.

This product management memes might lighten your mood, but then you’ll agree that the inherent issue remains.

Also, can you hear Ray Liotta’s laugh from the Goodfellas in this product management memes?

8. Product manager with skill issue

Products serve consumers. So, it’s a rule of thumb that consumer insights are predominant before making changes or launching a new product.

However, product managers often tend to violate this rule. They go for the idea that impresses them the most.

Thinking out of the box is not a crime. Rather, it is encouraged. However, products need to serve a purpose. Dissatisfied customers are never good for business.

The satisfaction you can see on Obama’s face in this product manager meme speaks volumes about today’s managers.

You have experts to collect and discern data for you. They can understand and explain customer trends better than you. Use their skill to your advantage while making decisions.

Try imagining your face in this product manager meme. You don’t want to be a meme for your employees.

9. Everything could go wrong

Tests in production started in software companies and quickly escalated to a source of entertainment.

Tests in production could cause several problems. One of them is the risk of security breaches.

Tests occur in a live environment, which increases the risk of unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Without an error-tracking system and a clear testing plan, production tests can be hazardous.

Look at the production meme, and you’ll know how a lot of things can go wrong during the process.

10. Productivity memes can be productive

You’ll find it ludicrous if someone says looking at productivity memes is productive. However, it’s true.

Memes are nothing but humorous representations of things around us. When we surf through them, we start taking things lightly.

A light mind and heart can lead to less anxiety and more positivity. So, if you have spent a minute or two on memes don’t guilt yourself. You are going easy on yourself.

Final verdict

Productivity is subjective. There is no mark you have to accomplish.

If you want to be productive, start taking care of your health. Laugh at memes and take breaks.

Stop fussing about being better than others and start researching how you can achieve better mental health.

Know about work-life balance or Remote Work Culture.

Whatever you do, know your limits. You can always improve on them. The way to productivity is not 24/7 hustling. It’s laughing through work.

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