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Customer success and Sales teams

Don't waste time, level up you customer engagement

Redefine your sales process with Tackle’s calendar analytics. Help your team win loyal fans for life.

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Team insights

Know who is doing what

Time is money, and with so many customers to serve at once, you must get the most productivity from your team members. That means helping them focus on calls that will lead toward success. Don’t spend time working on internal projects or non-critical issues when you could be closing deals today.

know who is doing what in your team

Automated tracking

Remove busy work

Tagging data across your CRM and other software is tedious and yields zero return. Tackle helps you automate your tagging and tracking process so that your team can spend more time on more impactful things.

automate your sales pipeline

Sales insights

Spend time on what matters

Create reports to track performance over time, gather workload insights and understand customer engagement trends. Create data-informed strategies for hiring and scheduling. Help your team to be always on the top of your customer’s mind.

compare detailed sales report
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