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Time is currency in the business world. Every single minute saved is an award won. Did you know that an average full-time employee in the US works 36.4 hours per week? What if you can achieve more in these many hours? Is there a way to complete your tasks in less time? Well, time management is the key for busy professionals. 

Consider having access to a treasure trove of technical hacks. They can simplify your workflow and give you valuable hours back in your day. We will delve into the world of efficient tech hacks for professionals with hectic schedules. 

So, get ready for a journey where your work efficiency takes center stage and the clock becomes your trusted companion. Prepare to have your workday transformed by these revolutionary tech hacks intended to make every second count.

Master essential keyboard shortcuts

Efficiency is right at your fingertips. Learning essential shortcuts for the keyboard is an efficient game changer. These may range from Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V for copy-pasting to Alt+Tab for quick window navigation. These keyboard shortcuts cut through the maze of mouse clicks. 

You can spend time learning shortcuts for your favorite programs. It involves Excel, Word, or your email program. Each shortcut saves you seconds. It turns you into a keyboard maestro. Thus, you can navigate the online landscape with unmatched speed and accuracy.

Utilize automation tools

Allow automation to act as your silent assistant. These tools connect different apps to automate repetitive tasks and improve your workflow. You can use them to proactively save attachments from email to cloud storage or develop calendar events from particular emails. 

Determine tasks with established routines and set up workflows that are automated for managing them. Allowing technology to handle the routine frees up intellectual space and time for strategic, significant activities. Leverage tools like Tackle for seamless automation, including advanced features like Google Calendar time tracking.

Try the Tackle app. It’s free, forever!

Use voice-to-text software

You do not have to use a keyboard for particular tasks. Instead, let your spoken word take control. Built-in functions on many cell phones convert spoken words into text without any effort. Speaking is far faster than typing when composing emails, taking notes, or generating documents. 

So you should take advantage of voice commands’ effectiveness. It is especially when guidance strikes and you need to record your thoughts quickly.

Declutter your devices

A cluttered digital environment wastes time and resources. Commit to decluttering your devices regularly. It can be done by arranging files, eliminating unneeded documents, and uninstalling inactive apps. You can create a folder structure that is consistent with your workflow. Also, clear clipboard content as many times as possible.

These actions speed up the retrieval of files and improve the overall performance of the device. A neat online environment translates into quicker access to important items, fewer distractions, and increased productivity.

Utilize productivity apps

You can utilize the power of productivity applications that are customized for your specific needs. It might be organizing projects with tools like Asana or Trello, note-taking apps like Evernote, or messaging services like Slack. 

These apps make collaboration and organizing tasks easier. You can look into apps that incorporate effortlessly with your workflow. It reduces organizing time and increases team efficiency. A good productivity app can transform a disorganized to-do list into an organized plan of action.

Group similar tasks together

Combining comparable duties is a time-saving secret weapon. Classifying similar tasks collectively allows your brain to stay concentrated. It reduces mental gear-shifting that occurs when moving between separate tasks. It might be responding to emails, making phone calls, or working on artistic endeavors. 

Dedicating specific time sections to similar tasks and duties creates a routine that improves efficiency. You can use this efficient hack to enter a flow state. It will propel you through the tasks on your list.

Embrace cloud-based platforms

Cloud-based services liberate you from the constraints of physical locations. It may include Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, or another cloud service. These platforms enable real-time communication and access to your work from anywhere. 

Platforms that use the cloud eliminate the need to wait for files to be downloaded or fret about version control. They keep your work aligned across devices. Accessibility saves time and promotes a more adaptable and responsive workplace.


You should learn keyboard shortcuts, use tools for automation, accept voice-to-text software, and organize your devices. Also, employ productivity apps, categorize similar tasks, and embrace cloud-based platforms. Each of these tech hacks will help you reclaim your time and get around the pressures of an active professional life with ease. You can use these efficient methods for optimizing your productivity and overcoming the clock.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights

Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights