Create timesheets from calendar data​

If you are already using Google or Outlook calendar to log your company’s work hours Tackle makes it super easy for you to create Timesheets with that data.

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Google calendar time track

How do I make a time sheet from google calendar?

You can securely and reliably export Google Calendar to Excel, Google Sheets, CSV or even PDF. Your Google calendar events are essentially records of all your work-related activities. Tackle allows you to extract the data and use them in new ways to streamline and automate your workflows. Convert any ics file to CSV file for CRM purpose.

You can also create custom reports with the data to analyze how you or your team are spending time as it directly impacts your business efficiency. Tackle also provides many ways to format, aggregate, and filter calendar data to fit your use case so that you can use it your way.

What is HR time sheet?

Timesheets are efficient and popular methods of keeping track of employee work hours. Traditionally, these sheets are in a tabular format in pen and paper form. However, because of Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, digital timesheets have become very popular.

is there a timesheet app that works with google calender
Customizable tags & categories​

Why do you need a timesheet?

Time sheets work like a charm, storing your data efficiently. Imagine your large corporation with hundreds of employees where all employees are running multiple projects simultaneously. In such scenario, it is difficult to track project progression or employee hours, the payroll system. However, you can maintain a Google time sheet for every employee or project and generate insights regarding your team’s productivity and project progress.

How do I make a time sheet?

You don’t have to worry anymore! You can say goodbye to crammed Google Calendar schedules or disorganized spreadsheets.

With Tackle, you can create a timesheet from your calendar to track your work hours automatically.

calendar to keep track of work hours
Tackle google calendar time tracking

Is there a calendar that tracks work hours?

Google time sheets are great. But the catch is you still have to enter data into Google Sheets manually. In some cases, manual entries are significant, but they cost time. Even employees are tired or bored doing redundant tasks like punching their work hours in an Excel sheet. So, what’s the solution? You can use Google Calendar to track the work hours.

How do I keep track of my timesheet?

By separating Google Calendar for all your employees it’s easier for them to organize their calendars. They can set times for meetings, R&D, product trials, etc. Now, you can use these calendars to keep track of hours and identify their current status.

Automated timesheets of google calendar time tracking
Google calendar to keep track of work hours

Can you log projects or employees billable hours?​​

With Tackle, you can use a timesheet calendar to track your work hours automatically. You can add flexible properties to your events in your google calendar. Let’s say you are busy working on a customer call or a social media project.

You can add this information to your events and extract it from the Tackle time sheet. 

How to create a timesheet with google calendar in 3 simple steps?

Add Your Heading Text Here

Add Your Heading Text Here

Why use Tackle?​

Configure timesheet​

You can configure the timesheet according to your needs. Furthermore, you can merge and export your team's calendar to a single google timesheet.

Team analytics

Tackle provides a powerful reporting system that helps you viewing the detailed breakdown of how many hours your employees spent on different tasks.

Generate daily reports

Using Tackle’s recurring export feature you can quickly set up an automated daily report every morning containing up-to-date project updates.

Add meta data

With Tackle, you can enhance your Google Calendar events by adding extra information through properties like client names or phone numbers.

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