Timesheet from calendar data

If you are already using Google or Outlook calendar to log your company’s work hours TimeTackle makes it super easy for you to create Timesheets with that data. Works like a charm if you are an agency with multiple clients or have multiple hourly employees working for you. Create a calendar for each individual and start tracking projects using #hashtags. Use recurring export to get a daily report right in your inbox.

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Team calendars

Employee calendar

Create and share separate calendars for each individual in your team. Hourly employees will be able to track time by themselves using the familiar calendar interface. Keep yourself updated with the current status of the team from the Google/Outlook calendar itself. Use TimeTackle to get automated daily reports. Create timesheets per employee to pay based on the hours worked.

Tag projects

Tag calendar events with project names using TimeTackle’s smart #hashtag feature. Use tag filters or tag aggregation to generate timesheets for individual projects.
Multiple project support
Tag calendar events

Add metadata

Google calendar has a finite set of properties. What if you want to add more information like the type of work (ex: content writing or sales call)? Or maybe you want to add a priority to each event. TimeTackle provides a super-easy way to add any metadata to your calendar event using #hashtags.

Daily reports

Using TimeTackle’s recurring export feature you can quickly set up an automated daily report. Get an email from us every morning containing up to date project updates.
Daily report
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