Why is product-led growth important for customer success?

Why is Product-led growth important for customer success

Retaining customers has become crucial and even harder as new businesses are taking over the market with their brand new products and services. To compete with this, one needs to identify their customer’s likes and even dislikes.  Traditionally companies used customer success to manage customer retention but now another key element contributes highly to retaining […]

Team Calendaring: How to Create the Perfect Calendaring System for Your Team

Keeping track of your own commitments is challenging enough. But when you as a manager add on coordinating your team’s schedules on top of what you already need to do for work (and life), a solid calendar system is essential to reduce stress, manage time and boost productivity. Here is a 5 step process to […]

Top 7 Sales metrics that highly productive teams track

Sales Metrics That Highly Productive Teams Track

It’s impossible to manage what you can’t measure. Metrics are vital in every element of the company, but in sales, they are extremely important. There is too much at stake for sales executives to rely on their gut instincts when making judgments, and this is especially true when dealing with a mountain of data. In […]

Anxiety and productivity: an odd combination but here’s how you can make it work

how to handle anxiety and boost productivity

Anxiety and productivity may appear to be an incompatible pair. How can someone be productive and effective while dealing with mental and emotional instability due to high stress? Unfortunately, due to the side effects of 21st-century lifestyles, many of us are forced to deal with worry and productivity on a regular basis. Even people who […]

How calendar audit can help boost your performance review in Q4

Measuring your productivity correctly is a clear way to acquire insight into the quality, commitment, and productivity of your staff. Here are 5 great tools that will help you measure and improve efficiency.

People often say that there isn’t enough time in the day, and even if you try hard, it can feel like the minutes pass you by. Everyone has the same 24 hours, which is good news. But how well you manage your time (or how badly you don’t) does affect how much of that limited […]

Remote selling 101: sell wherever you are

Sales Metrics That Highly Productive Teams Track

If you tell an old-school salesperson that you do or plan to do remote sales, they’ll probably think you’re crazy. “Really? You want to sell to people without meeting them in person, right? That will not work right. You’re not getting anywhere.” Well, the truth is that it works very well. And sales are going […]

15 Most Essential sales meeting templates every organization needs


You’re not the only one! According to an article in the Harvard Business Review, only 15 of the 23 hours a week that executives spend in meetings are productive. You’re not the only sales manager who wants productive sales team meetings and hopes that people who go to them are interested and find them useful. […]