How to digitally declutter your schedule with employee time tracking

declutter schedule

The old adage goes “tidy desk, tidy mind,” but what about keeping your desktop neat and organized? Sixty percent of people surveyed in 2021 said they felt less anxious after clearing out their electronic devices. In addition, 71% said they were more organized, and 69% said they were more productive as a result. Despite this, […]

Unlocking Workplace Productivity: Understanding and Overcoming the Productivity Paradox


Productivity is defined by the Bureau of Labor Statistics as the value of goods manufactured divided by the amount of labor input. “Productivity” is the same as a measure of manufacturing employees’ performance. And while this equation seems simple enough on the surface, the strategies for optimizing it have evolved dramatically over the last two […]

Why in 2023 Data Needs to Be at the Center of Your Organization

Why Data Needs to Be at the Center of Your Organization

We’ve all been in team meetings where everyone has great ideas, but the loudest, most influential, or highest-ranking person in the room shuts them down. This “because I said so” way of making decisions doesn’t help anyone. It doesn’t take into account what people on the team think or any important business data. Data is […]

Top 7 calendaring tips for sales teams in 2023

Top 10 Tips For Improving Your Sales Team’s Productivity

It’s a well-known fact that salespeople have a high percentage of burnout. What’s the primary cause of the exhaustion? The majority of salespeople lose their enthusiasm. Usually, this is due to the fact that they are either not productive enough or are not obtaining satisfactory outcomes in their current positions of authority and responsibility. For […]

How To Increase Customer Engagement With Business Calendaring

how to increase customer engagement with business calendaring

Let’s face it Calendars aren’t the most attractive thing in the world. Calendars remind people of how crammed their schedules are, on a daily basis. There is nothing more depressing than a reminder of yet another task on our to-do list which we subconsciously forgot and desperately remind us to go on a vacation.  As […]

5 Time Tracking Methods To Help You Achieve Work-Life Balance

work life balance

Work-life balance is a popular concept today. LinkedIn is a popular forum for business leaders to discuss this topic, and you may have even come across articles about it in some of the more prestigious business periodicals. The idea is based on the premise that, in today’s interconnected world, it’s no longer practical to seek […]

Manage Your Workflow with Employee Time Tracking in 2023

Manage Your Workflow with Employee Time Tracking in 2023 This article is for you if you’re serious about saving time. Effective time management is the need of the hour, whether you’re a leader who needs to keep time-controlled to better use your team’s hours or someone who wants to better manage their time. And the […]

Top 10 customer success tools that you need in 2023

Looking for the appropriate customer success tools for your SaaS? More and more SaaS firms are starting to realize how essential CS and user retention are, and therefore they’re devoting more time and attention into it. Today we’re taking a look at the finest customer success solutions out there, and addressing all their benefits and […]