What’s the consequence of a 4-Hour Workweek? Does it really work?

15 key strategies for sales time management (1)

Rejected by 26 publishers, The 4-Hour Work Week almost didn’t become the No. 1 New York Times Bestseller. Tim Ferriss penned “The 4-Hour Work Week” for those who are sick of waiting for retirement to start living, and who want to start living fully and fully enjoying life right now. In his book, The 4-Hour […]

WorkForce management explained: A startup guide

What is work force management

Establishing a good work-life balance is one of the most helpful things you, as a CEO, can do for your staff. This includes telling them to take breaks when they need them and discouraging them from working too much. It also involves allowing for telecommuting and other forms of workplace flexibility wherever possible, and possibly implementing wellness […]

How to improve product adoption with customer success

How to improve product adoption with customer success

Which one do you think is the key factor while designing a product? A product with cool features A product that can fulfill customer needs A product that your customers can use on a daily basis Although all of them are true in a sense, we both know that option C is the most crucial […]

5 most essential tools for solopreneurs and small businesses

Learn how to automate and grow your small business: Top 10 ways suggested by CEOs

The expression “there are not enough hours in the day” is probably familiar to you if you run a small business. You have a lot on your plate, from making proposals and meeting with clients to responding to emails and doing other administrative duties. One can easily feel overworked and fatigued. The good news is […]

Learn how to automate and grow your small business: Top 10 ways suggested by CEOs


Automation streamlines operations by taking care of the tedious work that you or your employees would otherwise have to conduct by hand. When looking for examples of automation, your mailbox will suffice. This is the electronic version of the “I’m so sorry I missed you” voicemail a salesperson has left you. The restaurant gift card […]

Deep Work 101: A complete guide to deep work for beginners

Deep work by Cal Newport

In our increasingly distracted society, it’s hard to claim there’s any greater skill than focus. From meetings to emails to calls to multitasking, our days are getting more and more dispersed. And so are our minds. Just think about your relationship with communication technologies. In our own research, we found that the majority of knowledge […]

Keys to Productivity: Time Management Tips for Executive Assistants

Keys to Productivity: Time Management Tips for Executive Assistants

When it comes to managing our time at work, we’ve all had our fair share of frustrations. You jump out of bed full of determination and optimism; today you will not only finish all of your work on time, but you will also go to the gym and prepare a nutritious lunch from scratch. However, […]

Why is product-led growth important for customer success?

Why is Product-led growth important for customer success

Retaining customers has become crucial and even harder as new businesses are taking over the market with their brand new products and services. To compete with this, one needs to identify their customer’s likes and even dislikes.  Traditionally companies used customer success to manage customer retention but now another key element contributes highly to retaining […]