Tackle is easy to use and still very informative

Featuring Judit Shaban, Personal Assistant, at Recart

Judit is an executive/personal assistant with 15+ years of experience. Currently she is at Recart which is a fast-growing company helping e-commerce brands boost sales.

1. Let’s start with a little intro, what’s your current role at Recart? What has been the biggest challenge you face in your role?

Personal assistant / biggest challenge is to keep up with tech savviness :)

2. Tell us a little more about your overall career and any advice for those aspiring to pursue this career path.

You must be punctual, like the eye of a needle, quick, and very effective. you must find solutions and not bringing up problems

3. Time is of essence to have such a successful career, how did you master time-management? Any thoughts, especially around managing your or your team’s calendars?

Successfully managing one’s calendar is not easy, you must think with your boss’ head to be successful in this! I use not only one calendar and not only one reminder, to-do lists etc to excel in this on daily bases. Ok, not to forget about Tackle which helped my boss to better focus his time on areas where he wanted to.

4. On a related note, we are trying to make business calendaring more intelligent. Can you say one or two lines about how Tackle has helped you solve your calendaring problems? We would also love to know your favorite feature of Tackle in a few words.

Tackle is in constant change and it is always for the better. I love that if I need support shortly someone gets in touch with me and solves my issues. Tackle helps my busy boss better focus his time on areas he wants by analyzing events. Tackle is easy to use and still very informative. Nice design, nice outlook, nice support. What else do you need?!


Recart SMS marketing drives 10-20% additional revenue for Shopify brands all over the world.


Budapest, Hungary


SMS Marketing / E-commerce

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