Spreadsheets vs Timesheet apps: The Good, The Bad, and The Pointless

spreadsheet vs timesheet

It’s hard to imagine a world without timesheets; they’re the foundation of how we monitor projects, analyze profitability, and get paid. Tracking working time plays a key part in a variety of business activities. It facilitates coordination, assists in monitoring production, and provides critical knowledge. The obvious challenge with time tracking is finding the perfect […]

Time Insights vs TimeTackle: The Good, The Bad and The Best

time insight vs timetackle

Google has added a new “Time insights” panel to Calendar on the web, which will show users how much time they spend in meetings during the week. According to Google’s blog post, the feature will begin rolling out gradually on select plans over the next month. It was first announced in March as part of […]

Time Tracking and Its Importance for Teams

Time Tracking for Teams

Why Time Tracking? You have most likely heard this before – remember how you are spending your time! Wonder why?  Studies estimate that U.S. companies lose a total of $8.8 billion in revenue every day due to untracked time. That’s a lot of money.  So What is Time Tracking? The process of tracking and recording […]

Tracking And Analysis With Google Calendar Time Tracking

Tracking And Analysis With Google Calendar Time Tracking

Maintaining timesheets manually can be a chore when you can start tracking time from your Google calendar. Jotting down calendar events with start and end times is the perfect way to keep track of the work you do daily. At the same time, you need to keep a track of how efficiently you are spending […]

Google Calendar Calculator For Easy Sum Hours In Minutes

google calendar calculator

Calculating hours, days, months, and years from your calendar can give you a major insight into how you spend your time. Time tracking in your google calendar daily is one thing but extrapolating these hours on a wider time scale reveals if you’re on the right track not only in the short-term but also in […]