Clockify vs toggl: a detailed comparison of time tracking tools (2024)

clockify vs toggl
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Time tracking and project management tools have become essential for individuals and businesses seeking to optimize productivity and manage resources efficiently. Undoubtedly they are a need to us, but which one to choose is where the question comes. In this article, we will delve into a detailed comparison between two prominent players in this domain – Clockify vs Toggl.

While both platforms offer time tracking and analytics, they cater to different needs and preferences. So, let’s break down the features, user experiences, pricing, and more to help you make an informed decision. Curious? Let’s dive in!

At a glance: Clockify vs Toggl Track

At first glance, Clockify and Toggl Track may appear highly similar, both providing time tracking and analytics tools.

Clockify targets freelancers, agencies, and companies requiring extensive oversight of employees’ activities, including surveillance features like GPS tracking and screenshots.

Toggl Track, on the other hand, is ideal for mid-sized or large teams with a trust-oriented culture, prioritizing time management and analytics while valuing employee privacy.

However, a closer inspection reveals that they cater to distinct user preferences and needs. And based on your needs, they equally might be important to you, but how they solve your need can be yet another challenge. Moreover, the level of information to judge both of them can be difficult. Hence, we made it easier for you by doing all the work for you.

What is Toggl

Toggl, initially created in 2006 by Alari Aho and Krister Haav to accurately bill their software agency’s clients, has evolved into a comprehensive time tracking tool. Alongside its flagship product Toggl Track, it offers Toggl Plan and Toggl Hire.

clockify vs toggl

Toggl Track focuses on time tracking for self-reflection and career growth, providing data-driven insights for businesses to streamline operations and enhance profitability without invasive employee monitoring.


  1. Time Tracking:
    • Toggl Track offers a one-click timer and readily displayed, filterable data for enhanced productivity.
    • Toggl’s time-tracking feature is free of productivity monitoring, providing privacy for users.
  2. Analytics:
    • Toggl Track supports accurate data entry, customizable report generation, and detailed analysis of the work week.
  3. Payroll Management:
    • Toggl Track helps automate the invoicing process with billable hours and attendance data in one place.


  • Toggl Track believes that productivity monitoring is intrusive and does not support minute-by-minute screenshots or third-party screen monitoring.

What is Clockify

Founded in 2009 by Nenad Milanovic and Lazar Vujanic, Clockify is part of the CAKE suite of productivity tools. Launched in 2016, Clockify aims to provide a simple and affordable time tracking app, making useful applications accessible to a broader audience.

clockify vs toggl

Clockify caters to professionals and agencies with project management tools, lightweight reports, and surveillance features, making it suitable for those expecting industrial efficiency from their workforce.


  1. Time Tracking:
    • Clockify’s time tracking includes a timeline that captures screenshots when merged with the desktop app.
    • It focuses on straightforward time tracking without intrusive features.
  2. Analytics:
    • Clockify’s reporting and analytics are equivalent to Toggl’s, with filterable data but a simpler design.
  3. Payroll Management:
    • Similar to Toggl Track, Clockify assists in automating the invoicing process for billable hours.


  • Clockify prides itself on making time tracking accessible to students, freelancers, employees, and teams of all sizes, with a power-packed free-forever plan.

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Clockify vs Toggl

Now that we know about Clockify and Toggl and how they emerged to be worth noting time tracking platforms, we will jump in the battle of Clockify vs Toggl. From user experience to analytical tools, we have got your covered. Want to know the details? Then what are you waiting for, keep reading!

User Experience

Firstly, let’s check the user experience for Clockify and Toggl and what do they offer. The winner? Definitely Toggl!

AspectClockifyToggl Track
User InterfaceEasy to use but may feel clutteredIntuitive design with vibrant colors
Quality-of-life FeaturesLack of certain quality-of-life featuresOffers tooltips and keyboard shortcuts
Time Tracking OptionsMobile app, desktop app, Chrome extensionMobile app, desktop app, Chrome extension
Overall ExperienceSimple but challenging for team habitsVisually appealing, simplifies tracking
WinnerToggl Track

Analytics and Reports

With that being said, let’s see the analytics and reports and who does the best. In this case winner? Again Toggl track!

FeatureClockifyToggl Track
Activity DashboardDisplays logged time and project costs at a glanceDaily, weekly, and lifetime reports on total tracked time
Export FormatsPDF, CSV, or Excel formatsFunctionality similar to Clockify with reports on projects, tasks, time entries, and a summary report
Detailed ReportsProjects, profitability, ROI, and other business metricsAdditional Insights dashboard for data trends, profitability analysis, and employee cost and revenue metrics
WinnerToggl Track

Employee Privacy

Working with a team? Worried about employee privacy? Let’s see who got you covered. Winner? Toggl again!

FeatureClockifyToggl Track
GPS Location TrackingYes, with up to 500 ft accuracyNo, Toggl Track does not offer GPS tracking
Force TimersYes, to prevent manual clock-insNo, Toggl Track does not force timers
ScreenshotsYes, captures user screens when timer is activeNo, Toggl Track does not offer remote screenshots
Privacy EmphasisEmphasizes user permission and privacyPrioritizes employee privacy, avoids surveillance features
Data Access ControlN/AAllows users to set projects as private or public
WinnerToggl Track


Working with big projects and in need of integration? Let’s see who offers the best. In this case, Toggl again!

FeatureClockifyToggl Track
Number of Integrations29145
Integration CategoriesProductivity and project management toolsProject management, customer support, email services, accounting, etc.
Examples of IntegrationsAsana, Trello, Notion, ZapierZapier, Jira, Asana, Toggl Plan, Freshdesk
Open-source APIYesYes
WinnerToggl Track


Lastly, everything is great until it’s about the money. How much the platforms will cost you, determines a lot of the things. And the winner? Definitely Clockify!

FeatureClockifyToggl Track
Free PlanUnlimited tracking, projects, and user seatsUnlimited tracking and projects, limited to 5 users
Paid PlansStarts at $4.99/user/monthStarter plan at $10/user/month, Premium plan at $20/user/month
Included Features in Highest PlanSurveillance tools, force timers, GPS tracking, screenshots, invoicing, time log auditsScheduled reports, time log audits, reminders

Clockify vs Toggl: Pros and Cons

Now that we have seen the winner of each aspects for what you want from a time tracking platform, we thought of creating a pros and cons list before you have the ultimate dive into choosing Clockify or Toggl.


– Detailed reports and team activity insights.– Employee surveillance features may raise privacy concerns.
– Robust team management tools.– UI can get cluttered in certain tabs.
– Affordable pricing plans.– Lack of custom charts and dashboards.
– Open-source extension API.– No automatic time tracking feature.
– Limited to reports, lacking advanced analytics.

Toggl Track

– Automatic real-time tracking.– Can be expensive for small businesses.
– Intuitive user interface.– Limited billing and invoicing features.
– Opt-in management tools.– Does not integrate with payment processors.
– Extensive integrations.
– Detailed and powerful Analytics feature.
– Available on web, desktop (Windows and Mac),
and mobile (Android and iOS) platforms.

Final Verdict: Clockify vs Toggl

Well, to give a final verdict we will say that both options—Clockify and Toggl—are recommended, each with unique features that cater to different needs and preferences in the time-tracking software space. It highly depends on your priorities as a team or business or individual on what you are aiming and how these platforms can solve it for you. But definitely they both do cater to your needs individually.

Toggle Vs Clockify Vs Tackle

After all that comparison, we thought why not take a wild road and bring Tackle into the battle as well. And for your ease we actually made a whole table dedicated to comparing all the three platforms. Look below to have a glance on apart from Clockify and Toggl how Tackle can really add more and give you the ultimate package!

clockify vs toggl
PricingFree Forever with unlimited users, projects, and tracking.Free plan available; competitive pricing for advanced features.Affordable pricing plans; offers a free option with essential features.
Time ManagementTimer, timesheets, calendar, auto tracker for apps/websites.Simple time tracking, reporting, employee time tracking, projects.Calendar integration, intelligent tracking, seamless time capture.
ReportingRobust reports for time analysis, activity tracking, rates, projects.Analytics feature, project time tracking, team capacity planning.Actionable analytics, customizable reports, built-in productivity insights.
Management ToolsScheduling, time-off management, approval workflows, invoicing, etc.Project time tracking, team capacity planning, approvals.Customizable tags, personalized reports, automated timesheets.
Calendar IntegrationEmphasis on calendar integration for time tracking.Integration with Toggl Plan for project scheduling.Direct calendar integration, seamless tracking from the calendar.
Ideal User SizeSuitable for teams of all sizes due to its free plan and scalability.Ideal for teams and businesses of all sizes; scalable solutions.Designed for teams and professionals looking for seamless time insights.

At the end, the choice is up to on which one you choose. While Toggl and Clockify cater to your need in different ways, Tackle helps you manage your team and time effortlessly with it’s amazing features and integrations. Hence, if you are someone who is trying to go for a more calendar based time tracking, Tackle might be just the thing.

Try the Tackle app. It’s free, forever!

Wrapping up

Explored the Clockify vs Toggl showdown, right? Clockify flaunts detailed reports, Toggl Track nails it with an intuitive interface. Now, take the plunge into more materials to unearth additional features, discover insider tips, and perhaps pinpoint your perfect time-tracking match and up your productivity game. Happy reading!

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Frequently asked questions

How do Toggl and Clockify differ?

Toggl Track prioritizes user privacy with manual time tracking and versatile scheduling, while Clockify offers productivity monitoring through a timeline feature with screenshots. The choice depends on preferences for privacy and monitoring needs.

What makes Toggl and Clockify good time tracking apps?

Toggl Track excels in user-friendliness, diverse integrations, and a versatile free plan, while Clockify offers accessible free-forever plans, productivity monitoring, and budget-friendly paid options. The best choice depends on team size, budget, and monitoring preferences.

How efficient are Toggl and Clockify in time tracking?

Toggl and Clockify provide efficient time tracking with one-click timers, detailed analytics, and features like invoicing. Toggl emphasizes user privacy, while Clockify offers productivity monitoring. The choice depends on user preferences and organizational needs.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights

Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights