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You all may be familiar with ‘Return on investment (ROI)’.

But are you guys aware of how much ROI a customer relationship management tool can generate for you?

According to studies, investing in one such tool can give you an ROI of $8.71 on every dollar spent.

For a customer success manager, these tools are a daily necessity as they bore a lot more benefits. When you start using a CRM tool, you will not only understand your customers but also be able to modify your marketing strategies. And with great marketing techniques, your sales metrics will automatically reach new heights.

One such tool that we’ll be focusing on today is Pipedrive. It is one of the first CRM platforms, specially designed for salespeople.

Let’s dive in deeper into its applications:

A. Collecting useful data

As discussed earlier, marketing is a key factor for customer success managers, and in order to escalate the number of sales, you need to understand your customer’s demands and preferences. This kind of information is vital for relevant marketing which will definitely help to attract more customers and also modify a product or service.

Pipedrive centralizes customer information in one platform so that it is easy to track their behavior and queries. Their Smart Data Search option allows you to retrieve valuable information about your leads from various social media platforms. This saves up time and also helps you understand which lead is more profitable for your organization.

Moreover, their Live dashboard is also beneficial for the customer success managers as it shows their progress and how efficient their operations are. This shows statistics like the rate of deals won or lost, top performers of the team, and number of activities completed as well.

All of these allow marketers to design campaigns that can engage more consumers and in turn increase their sales.

B. Simplified user interface

One of the most admired features of this platform is its ease of use. Most software requires others to get a lot of training before getting used to it, which means the extra cost as well. However; Pipedrive is way easier than any other platform.

They have segregated their user interface into segments that are incorporated with smart features. For example, the contact timeline acts as a reminder for the sales representatives as to whom they have to contact. Using that information they can also schedule follow-ups with them. 

One other benefit of this software is, it merges similar leads so that sales representatives are not working on the same lead at a time. This saves them time and increases efficiency as well.

C. Customizable chatbot

It’s not possible to remain available for your consumers all the time which is a very big challenge for businesses to overcome or else it might lead to a decrease in customer satisfaction and in sales too.

Keeping this in mind, Pipidrive introduced its newest feature, Leadbooster, which does exactly as its name suggests. It has a customizable chatbot that will answer specific questions which consumers frequently ask. This 24/7 availability allows you to make your existing customers happy and generate new leads as well.

D. Additional integrations

Pipedrive has many productive tools incorporated into it like Google workplace, Zapier and Google maps to name a few. One of the best tools in this is Xero which allows customer success managers to enhance their financial reporting. 

Marketing channels like Facebook Ads can also be integrated into this CRM platform. This tracks buyer behavior and important dates as well. These will help you generate more relevant ads with which you can reach out to customers.

Another important software is Leadfeeder which tracks the website visitors and their behavior while using the website. This is crucial to widening your reach to your target audience.

The productivity tools are not limited to desktop versions only. To increase mobile productivity the Pipedrive app has been incorporated with Google Assistant to take voice commands. The smart features in the mobile app automatically schedule follow-up appointments by assessing call logs and notes that it took while interacting with customers. 

Apart from that, the mobile view is quite simple and very convenient as well. So even if your laptop doesn’t function properly, you can easily see your client status and appointments using your mobile.

Your Best Solution to ensure Customer Success

Among all CRM platforms, Pipedrive has managed to be the most efficient in managing and gathering new leads due to its simple and easy-to-use interface. Its reasonable pricing is also something that users admire as within this budget you get more than what you ask for. The features along with the many integrations in desktop and mobile make it one of the most profitable CRM tools today. 

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