Mastering time management with ClickUp time tracking

Clickup time tracking
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In the ever-evolving landscape of project management and productivity tools, ClickUp has emerged as a versatile and comprehensive platform.

One of its standout features is ClickUp Time Tracking, a valuable tool for organizations and individuals seeking to optimize their time management efforts. In this blog post, we’ll explore ClickUp Time Tracking, how it works, and its benefits, and how you can track time in ClickUp!

How does ClickUp time tracking work?

ClickUp Time Tracking is a feature that empowers users to monitor and manage how they allocate their time within the ClickUp platform. It seamlessly integrates with ClickUp’s task management and project collaboration features, providing a holistic solution for effective time management.

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Is there a time tracker in ClickUp?

ClickUp offers an integrated time tracker feature. When you track time on the mobile app, it syncs in real-time across all ClickUp instances, including your browser, desktop app, and mobile devices. For instance, if you initiate a time entry on the mobile app, you’ll find it active when you switch to your computer, ensuring seamless tracking across platforms.

How do you track time per task in ClickUp?

ClickUp allows users to associate time entries with specific tasks or projects. This task-based approach ensures that time is accurately allocated to the corresponding work items.

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Does ClickUp have time tracking?

Yes, ClickUp does have a robust Time Tracking feature built into its platform. This feature is available across different pricing tiers, making it accessible to a wide range of users, from freelancers to large enterprises.

How do I create a manual and automatic time tracker in ClickUp?

Users can manually enter their time or leverage ClickUp’s automatic tracking functionality. The latter captures time spent on tasks by monitoring task activity, making it a convenient option for those who prefer a hands-off approach.

How do I create time tracking dashboard reports in ClickUp?

ClickUp offers robust time tracking reports that provide insights into time distribution, project progress, and individual performance. These reports empower users to make informed decisions and optimize their workflows.

Is time tracking free on ClickUp?

You can record your work hours, establish project estimates, jot down essential notes, and access detailed time reports from any location. And yes, it’s completely free and no credit card is required.

Benefits of ClickUp time tracking

Improved productivity 🌟

ClickUp Time Tracker allows users to identify time sinks and distractions, enabling them to streamline their work processes and boost productivity.

Accurate billing 💰

For businesses that bill clients based on hours worked, ClickUp Time Tracking ensures precise and transparent billing, reducing disputes and errors.

Enhanced project management 🎢

Project managers can utilize time tracking data to allocate resources efficiently, ensuring tasks are completed on time and within budget.

Let's see how Clickup time tracking works?
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Resource allocation 👥

ClickUp’s time tracking reports enable organizations to allocate resources judiciously, ensuring that team members are neither overburdened nor underutilized.

Compliance and accountability 🛡️

Clickup timetracker enhances accountability by allowing organizations to monitor adherence to time-related policies and practices.

How to track time in ClickUp

Tracking time in ClickUp is straightforward and easy! You can follow the steps give below!

Step 1: Create tasks

First, create tasks or projects in ClickUp that you want to track time for.

Step 2: Start the timer

Once you’re working on a task, you can start the timer manually by clicking on the task and selecting the timer icon. Alternatively, use the automatic tracking feature to capture time automatically.

Step 3: Review time entries

After working on tasks, review your time entries within ClickUp. You can categorize time entries, add notes, and ensure accuracy.

Step 5: Generate reports

To gain valuable insights, explore time tracking in Clickup reports. These reports provide a comprehensive overview of how time is spent across tasks and projects.


ClickUp Time Tracking is a powerful tool that empowers users to master their time management efforts. Whether you’re a freelancer, project manager, or part of a larger organization, Click Up’s time tracking capabilities can help you optimize your productivity, billing accuracy, and resource allocation. So, embrace ClickUp Time Tracking today and unlock the full potential of your time management journey.

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