TimeTackle Features For Employees

TimeTackle Features For Employees

TimeTackle Exporter helps employees keep track of the time spent during working hours to ensure you have a document to show your supervisor or manager. The best way you can do that is by maintaining a separate calendar on Google. Just run it through TimeTackle Exporter to create timesheets in a jiffy. Go a step further if you’re a part-time employee hired at an hourly rate as TimeTackle is perfect for you to generate invoices.

How To Maintain Your Work Calendar  

Open a separate Google Calendar with your work email account. When you start each working day, keep this calendar open on your computer. Add the event title and the start time. As soon as you finish working on this activity, go to the calendar entry and click on the edit icon to clock in your end time. Repeat this for every task you do throughout the day. Even while you’re out of the office, you can update your calendar events from your smartphone. 

More importantly, you should tag your events as per the Tags feature provided by TimeTackle. Through the Google Chrome extension, just add the Tags feature to your Google Calendar and add the tags you created on the TimeTackle app. This will add the categories of your tasks to your timesheet, making it easier to identify which types of tasks you spend the most or least time on. 

What Can Employees Do With TimeTackle

With TimeTackle, you can do so much more than just keep track of time. You can generate timesheets, apply various filters to generate custom reports, export your meeting data from your calendar, and generate invoices and mileage reports. 

How To Create Timesheets

How To Create Timesheets

At the end of every month, head on to TimeTackle Exporter, choose your work calendar, the date range, and any other of the numerous options that only TimeTackle offers. With the click of the Preview and Download Export button, your timesheet is ready to be handed over. That simple!

You can download your report in one of the multiple formats on the menu but for employees, it’s best to download the Excel file of the timesheet as it’s a more convenient way of looking at the tasks and total hours. To give access to your timesheet to your manager, just choose the Save to Google Drive option. 

How To Create Custom Reports

How To Create Custom Reports

There are plenty of features to create custom reports just the way your manager would like to have them. Make the most of the filters on TimeTackle Exporter. For example, if you want a report that shows your total calendar hours, just check the Sum all option. For showing your categories of activities, just make sure you have checked the box beside the Exports tags option. Explore all the filters and discover all the ways you can organize and generate reports. 

How To Export Your Meeting Data

How To Export Your Meeting Data

If your boss is a stickler for details and wants to know which meetings you attended, where they were held, and who attended, it’s easy to present all this on your timesheet from your calendar data. There are plenty of filters under Additional fields and Attendee for you to pick and choose to create just the right report for your boss. 

How To Generate Mileage Reports And Invoices

How To Generate Mileage Reports And Invoices

Tired of going back to your diary to ruffle through endless pages trying to find out where and when you went out on a client meeting and calculate the commuting costs? Just use TimeTackle’s Mileage Export feature to extract meeting data from your calendar and calculate the mileage for you. You can opt to put in the address of origin or get your tagged distance from your calendar entry or get TimeTackle to do some guesswork to calculate the distance and come up with a mileage report. This is a huge help when you file your tax returns at the end of the financial year. 

For those of you who have been hired at an hourly rate, take the work out of raising invoices and let TimeTackle generate a professional invoice for you from its built-in template. Choose your work calendar on the TimeTackle Invoice Export tab, set the date range, add tags, fill in the details of yourself and your employer and you will automatically generate your invoice in either Excel or PDF file.  

What’s In it For You?

TimeTackle ensures you get several advantages as an employee. Let’s see what these are.

Time Tracking For Efficiency

Time Tracking For Efficiency 💡

Track the time you spend on all your tasks with TimeTackle. When you are in the habit of making calendar entries of your tasks daily, you are more aware and conscious of what you do and how much time you take to do it. This helps you to have a greater focus on the work in your hands. 

Better Productivity

Better Productivity 🏆 

Tracking your activities and the time every day makes you more productive. You are likely to spend less time daydreaming or doing something else. You learn to value the time you are given and would be more likely to spend your working hours wisely instead of taking hours out of your weekend to complete your tasks.  Riding high on the productivity curve by helping you take reports of your timesheets. 

Bargaining Tool

Bargaining Tool 🛠️

At the end of your probation period or a year or so, you can use the timesheets as a bargaining tool with your employer to ask for a raise or a promotion. With TimeTackle’s reports and timesheets, you have all the evidence that you’ve been a hard worker and delivered results. 

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