Meeting memes: Catch a break from your 9-5 stress

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Meeting memes offer a light and humorous way to reflect on shared experiences, providing a moment of comic relief amid the sometimes mundane or challenging aspects of work life.

They contribute to a positive and inclusive workplace culture by fostering a sense of shared understanding and camaraderie among individuals who navigate similar professional environments.

So here are 7 meeting memes to lighten your day and get you through all those pending “important” meetings.

The talk with the boss

Imagine starting your day with a talk with your boss about your day-to-day performance. Nothing else can “brighten” your mood than a you-can-do-better talk.

Credit: Pinterest

The list-maker

There’s always a teammate trying to take notes in the meeting only to end up like Ken Jeong in this meeting meme.

Credit: Pinterest

The sarcastic teammates:

Every team has smug sarcastic members who criticize in the not so constructive way. Their living job is to ensure that you are not doing your role properly.

The following team meeting meme shows how teammates can be too smug with you at times.

Credit: Pinterest

PowerPoint: The solution to everything

Michael Scott frames it right in the following meeting meme. The solution to every problem is making a PowerPoint about it.

Doesn’t matter how insignificant the agenda is, PowerPoint always helps!

Credit: Pinterest

Samuel L. Jackson being relatable:

All of us have been in this position when it comes to Zoom meetings. There are only so many meetings a person can handle in a day.

Once the first Zoom meeting is out of the way, we become the usual grumpy Samuel L. Jackson in this meeting meme.

Credit: Pinterest

The unclear agenda:

When you need to hold meetings but don’t know why, you end up like the following meeting meme.

Credit: Pinterest

The enemy of the state:

Kevin Hart’s expression says everything. We all have that one teammate with a question reserved for the end of the meeting.

Not once or twice but every time they need to drag the meeting 15 minutes longer. This attitude is exasperating.

But you have to agree Kevin Hart looks hilarious in this meme.

Credit: Pinterest


The above meetings meme are for fun and a few laughs. Sometimes, memes can get you out of your monotonous cycle.

It’s refreshing and doesn’t require much of an effort.

So, always look at memes when you can’t stand meetings anymore. It helps.

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