Navigating the top 12 time tracking app on Mac in 2023

time tracker app mac
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In the dynamic landscape of productivity, mastering the art of time management becomes paramount. As we step into 2023, the realm of the Mac time tracking app unfolds with a plethora of choices, empowering users to seize control of their precious moments.

This comprehensive guide navigates through the market landscape, sheds light on crucial features, and unveils the top 12 mac time tracker apps tailored for Mac users.

What is time tracking ⏰

Time tracking transcends conventional clock-watching; it’s a strategic ally in deciphering your workflow intricacies, elevating productivity, and steering toward business optimization. Within the expansive Mac ecosystem, a diverse array of time tracking apps awaits, each finely tuned to meet specific needs.

Whether you’re a solo freelancer, managing a small team, or steering a large enterprise, meticulous time tracking is non-negotiable. Every minute invested in a project ripples through quotes and, subsequently, invoices. Neglecting precise time recording may lead to underestimating project durations, posing a direct threat to your financial bottom line.

In this article we bring you top 12 mac time tracking to make your journey as a mac user easier! Let’s delve into the nuances of these invaluable tools, exploring the realm of time tracking apps for mac that promise to redefine your productivity journey. 🌐✨

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🚀 What to look for in a time tracker

Selecting the ideal mac time tracker app requires careful consideration of key factors. Firstly, decide between automatic and manual tracking based on your workflow preferences. Compatibility with your Mac operating system and integration with essential tools are vital for a seamless experience.

A user-friendly interface enhances ease of use, allowing quick initiation and editing of time entries. Robust reporting features offer valuable insights into productivity, while integration with project management tools streamlines organization and collaboration.

Also, you should worry about the performance of your Mac. For this, you should use special applications. They can not only clear the cache and optimize memory but also help with such a problem as how to fix your sound.

Prioritize privacy and security features, ensuring the confidentiality of your data. Mobile accessibility and flexible device management contribute to enhanced productivity. Take advantage of free trials to assess the app’s suitability, and consider reliable customer support and transparent pricing for a positive experience with your chosen time tracker app for mac.

The 12 best time trackers for Mac

The Mac time tracking landscape is teeming with options. We’ll navigate through the features and advantages of the top 12 apps, providing insights to help you make an informed decision.


time tracking app mac

Timing is a native Mac desktop application that automatically tracks all activity on your Mac, recording every app, document, and web page usage without manual input.

Automatic or manualBest forPriceCapterra rating
AutomaticKeeping track of your time automatically on MacFree 30-day trial. Three-tiered pricing plan: Professional – $8/month, Expert – $10/month, Connect – $14/month (all with a 20%+ discount on annual billing)4.8 out of 5


  • Automated tracking of app, document, and website usage
  • Automatic assignment of times through rules
  • Call tracking
  • Calendar integration
  • Idle time detection


  • Comprehensive automation of time tracking

  • Innovative features like call tracking and Screen Time integration

  • Full manual control for flexibility


  • Relatively higher cost

  • Lacks native invoicing support, but integrates well with billing apps.


google calendar time tracking

Tackle is a time tracking app known for tracking, allocating, and analyzing your time with ease.

Automatic or ManualBest forPriceCapterra Rating
Automatic and manualEffortless time customized trackingFree forever, Standard Plan:$24 per month, billed annually, Premium Plan:$69 per month, billed annually, Enterprise Plan: Custom (Contact Sales)Not available


  • Automatic Time Tracking
  • Calendar Integration
  • AI-Powered Tracking
  • Browser Extensions
  • Customizable Tags & Categories
  • Custom Reports
  • Export Data in Various Formats

Try the Tackle app. It’s free, forever!


  • Offers a user-friendly interface.

  • Calendar integration for tracking time.

  • Enhanced features, including goals and budgeting.

  • Calendar integration for streamlined tracking.


  • Limited historical data and user capacity on the free plan.


time tracking app mac

Tyme is a timer-based tracker with an intuitive interface and extensive shortcuts for quick time tracking. It lacks automatic tracking features but offers robust reporting options for analyzing time-tracking data.

Automatic or manualBest forPriceMac app store rating
AutomaticTracking time manually14-day trial, followed by a monthly subscription of $3.99 and an annual subscription of $35.994.6 out of 5


  • Quick timer start
  • Comprehensive dashboard for a detailed overview
  • Native Mac app with seamless synchronization across Apple devices


  • Availability on all Apple platforms

  • Various data export options (PDF, other services)

  • Teams edition available for collaborative work


  • No automatic time tracking; entries must be made manually

  • Dashboard may feel cluttered with numerous projects

Toggl & Timery

time tracker app mac

Toggl is a widely regarded, manual, timer-based app known for its ease of use. It requires minimal information when starting a task, allowing users to fill in details later. The Toggl Chrome extension integrates with various web apps for convenient timer control. Idle detection helps correct time entries quickly.

time tracker app mac

Timery, an independent Mac app, enhances Toggl’s functionality on Mac, providing a native interface.

Automatic or manualBest forPriceG2 rating
Manual, though with some automatic functionalityUsers looking for a generous free app that offers excellent manual time trackingFree tier, followed by starter and premier plans at $9/user/month and $18/user/month respectively. Enterprise plan prices are available on agreement4.6 out of 5


  • Great interoperability with other apps and programs

  • Timery offers a nice, Mac-native interface for Toggl


  • Toggl’s Mac app can be less user-friendly, mitigated by using Timery on Mac and iOS devices

  • Toggl’s automated time tracking option is not very detailed and can be cumbersome to use


time tracker app mac

Daily is a user-friendly time tracking app for macOS that employs a unique sampling approach, eschewing automatic or manual tracking. It prompts users at customizable intervals (approximately every 20 minutes) to inquire about their current task, allowing for continuous monitoring without manual timer control.

The results can be viewed, exported for reporting and invoicing. Keyboard shortcuts and cloud-based synchronization enhance usability and accessibility across devices.

Automatic or manualBest forPriceMac store rating
Neither — Daily uses samplingUnique approach uses sampling rather than automatic or manual trackingFree seven-day trial. Monthly, yearly, and lifetime licenses cost $3.99, $29.99, and $59.99 respectively4.6 out of 5


  • Daily’s sampling approach helps users stay on track and ensures time recording

  • Built natively for Mac


  • Some users might find the frequent check-ins irritating and distracting

Screen time

time tracking app mac
Source: Apple support

Screen Time is a built-in feature on all Apple devices, offering a high-level overview of daily device usage and app preferences. It requires no manual intervention but has limitations in accuracy, especially for professional time-tracking needs.

Automatic or ManualBest forPriceCapterra Rating
AutomaticBuilt-in feature that requires no intervention, but has very limited accuracyFree, standard on all Apple devicesNot rated independently on G2 or the Mac App Store (since it’s not an independent app)


  • Available on all Apple devices

  • Built-in and free


  • Screen Time can be unreliable with potentially inaccurate data

  • Data syncing issues between devices

  • Lack of clarity on how time is calculated


time tracking app mac

Orbit is a time-tracking and invoicing app designed for users seeking basic invoicing functionality within their time-tracking tool. The app provides insights into time usage and facilitates automatic invoice generation from recorded time entries.

Automatic or manualBest forPriceRating
ManualAnyone looking for basic invoicing functionality integrated into their time-tracking app$7.99 per month, $79.99 per year4.6 out of 5 stars with 49 ratings on the Mac App Store


  • Available for all Apple platforms: Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

  • Combines basic time-tracking and invoicing functions into a single app


  • Limited advanced time-tracking features

  • Slowed development of new features in recent months


time tracking app mac

RescueTime goes beyond basic time tracking, positioning itself as habit-building software aimed at helping users optimize their time for increased productivity. The tool provides a broad overview of app and website usage, guiding users on overcoming distractions and enhancing focus

Automatic or ManualBest forPriceG2 Rating
AutomaticOptimizing how you spend your time to enhance productivityA limited free plan and a paid plan for $9/user/month4.1 out of 5


  • Free plan with basic automatic time tracking

  • Paid version can block distractions


  • Primarily offers a broad overview of time usage

  • Limited project management and customization options

  • Cumbersome manual time entries

  • Lack of support for exporting hours or creating invoices


time tracker app mac

Timely, an automatic time tracking tool, offers a high-level overview of your day and features for planning tasks in advance. It closely records and analyzes work, tracking details like meetings, documents, web pages, and emails

Automatic or ManualBest forPriceG2 Rating
AutomaticProviding a high-level overview of your day and features for task planning14-day trial period. Starter, Premium, and Unlimited plans at $8/user/month, $14/user/month, and $20/user/month respectively (billed annually)4.8 out of 5


  • Compatible with macOS and other platforms

  • Offers project tracking and team management features

  • User control over data visibility


  • AI algorithm may make occasional misallocations

Klokki & Timemator

time tracking app macos

Klokki, a native Mac app in your menu bar, employs rule-based functionality for effortless time monitoring. You can start working without manual timers once rules are set.

time tracking app macos

It’s related to Timemator, which was once a unified app but later diverged in development.

Automatic or ManualBest forPriceMac App Store Rating
ManualManual time tracking with limited automatic tracking.14-day free trial, $30 one-time fee.4.6 out of 5


  • Entirely Mac native.

  • Easily detects idle time and excludes it from reports.


  • Version on Mac App Store doesn’t support automated toggling.

Why use a time tracking app ⌛

In the realm of productivity, as a mac user employing a Mac time tracker app is a game-changer. The seamless integration of a time tracker app for Mac users enables the users such as yourself to streamline your workflow, ensuring every moment is accounted for. These apps transcend conventional clock-watching, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the intricacies of the Mac ecosystem.

Benefits of using a time tracking app 🚀

Greater accuracy 🔍

A top-tier mac time tracking app brings a precision-engineered approach to time monitoring. Say goodbye to estimation errors and embrace accurate project timelines. Whether you’re a freelancer or managing a team, the precision offered by a time tracker app for Mac becomes your trusty ally in business success.

Improved reliability 🔄

Reliability is the cornerstone of effective time management. A robust mac time tracker app ensures that every task, project, or meeting is meticulously recorded. Eliminate the margin for error with a reliable time tracker app for Mac that stands as a beacon of precision in your daily operations.

Useful reporting functionality 📊

Unlock the power of insights with comprehensive reporting functionality. A feature-rich mac time tracking app not only records hours but transforms them into actionable data. Dive into detailed reports and analytics, gaining valuable insights to refine your workflow strategies. Your journey to enhanced productivity begins with a strategic time tracker app for Mac.

Business success 💼

At the intersection of accuracy, reliability, and insightful reporting lies the pathway to business success. A dedicated mac time tracker app is more than a tool; it’s a catalyst for optimal time utilization, ultimately steering your endeavors towards unprecedented success. Embrace the future of productivity with a transformative time tracker app for Mac.

Wrapping it up! 🚀✨

Mastering time management is essential in the fast-paced world of productivity. As we enter 2023, the Mac time tracking app market offers a myriad of options. This guide unveils the top 12 apps, each tailored for Mac users with unique features. Embrace the transformative power of Mac time tracking apps for unprecedented productivity. 🚀🕰️

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Frequently asked questions

Does the Mac have a built-in time tracking app?

While macOS includes “Screen Time,” it may lack the detailed features found in dedicated time tracking apps like Timing.

How can I see how much time I spent on my Mac?

Time tracking app in Mac, such as Timing, offer detailed insights into your Mac usage, providing a breakdown of time spent on various apps and activities.

How do I track the time on my laptop?

Time tracking software, like Timing, can be utilized to manually enter tasks or automate the process by monitoring activities in the background.

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights

Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights