6 Ways Technology can boost productivity in the Modern Workspace

6 Ways Technology can boost productivity in the Modern Workspace
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Those of you who recall working before modern technology remember how tough it was to accomplish everything manually. Every transaction was meticulously logged on slow computers, and if you weren’t in the office or at home, no one could reach you. Imagine that!

Obviously, those days are long gone, and the majority of the workforce today consists of Generation Xers and Millennials who can’t operate without technology. Today’s workforce communicates instantly from anywhere in the world, has on-demand access to massive amounts of data on the cloud, and is more productive than at any time in human history.

Technology has truly become the backbone of today’s world.

These technological advancements have increased a company’s overall ability to execute, pivot, and scale, and many of these technologies are continually improving and evolving. Here is our list of ways you and your business can use technology to boost productivity.

Time tracking and organization ⌚

Being productive has everything to do with time. Online productivity tracking and collaboration tools have made it so much easier for management to keep track of goal progress, project management, and time tracking. Especially in the last few years, we have seen a huge growth in this sector in specific. There is something in the market for every person or team. 

Management can use organizing tools to boost office efficiency thanks to technology. There are no longer surprises at the end of a project because every component is already collected on collaboration platforms, so if an employee isn’t on track, it’s immediately clear and there’s a possibility for a quick correction. Managers can use these tools to keep track of time and progress toward corporate goals and projects. 

TimeTackle is one such time tracking tool. It allows you to measure your time spent on tasks in real-time and analyze whether you’ve achieved goals or not. It provides an easy way for managing multiple calendars from one calendar directly so that you will be able to track hours and time spent in a meeting in new and inventive ways. You can see everything at a glance and at the same time. What makes TimeTackle special is that it caters to all types of users’ time management needs. You can use TimeTackle’s automated Google Calendar to MS Excel, Google Sheets, or CVS exporter and automate your time tracking and exporting process. TimeTackle streamlines your exporting process which saves loads of time and allows you to format and filter calendar data in different intuitive ways to streamline your event organizing process.

To know more about Calendar Analytics and TimeTackle’s features visit the link: TimeTackle Features

Easy to reach experts🥼

Companies no longer have to rely on their own employees to be experts in all areas of the business. With outsourcing and contracting sites like Freelancer.com and Fiverr, hiring outside contractors to build a bot or construct a campaign is easier than ever. Employees can remain focused on their areas of expertise while allowing experts to accomplish their jobs to the best of their abilities.

This can hugely cut down costs as well and prevents any blockage in the work. Employers are saved from having to hire a new worker for what would essentially be a one-time thing and because of technology this extra help can be accessed at any time and quite easily. 

Enhanced networking📡

Networking used to include collecting business cards, which inevitably accumulated lint in your pocket until they were lost in the washing machine. Today’s networking is extensive, ranging from broad services like LinkedIn to niche networks for everyone from investors to comic book collectors. Finding people that fit your niche has never been easier or faster. 

This can be a great boost to your productivity for many reasons. One, you’re surrounded by like-minded people and individuals that share your interests and hobbies. This allows for greater room for learning and growing your existing knowledge when you interact with them. For example, imagine you’re a marketer. You can now connect with other marketers easily without having to do the whole nine yards of getting to know them while also simultaneously getting the opportunity to learn their tips and tricks, and work methods. Two, you’re also now surrounded by individuals with different interests and hobbies. You can utilize this opportunity to pick a new skill that can be helpful to advance your career. Coming back to our example, knowing about copywriting and visuals is greatly important for marketers. Consider connecting with content writers or graphics designers over LinkedIn!

Connecting your employees👷‍♂️

The majority of today’s labor works from home or while traveling in other nations. Mobile employees may perform whatever they need to do without being tethered to an office because of advancements in not only internet speed and access but also cloud computing.

Can you picture what would happen if the epidemic hit today’s workforce if it weren’t for technology? The global economy would collapse. During emergencies like the coronavirus epidemic, technology allows the workforce to retain peak performance. Teams have demonstrated that it is feasible to work productively outside of traditional workplace boundaries. Remote workers can engage in team interactions, collaborate with team members, and create solutions with the use of technology. Employees can conduct vital routine duties even if they are thousands of kilometers away. Telecommuting personnel can now complete all of their needed tasks from the comfort of their own homes, thanks to recent developments in internet connectivity and cloud computing. The traditional 9-to-5 workday seems insignificant in comparison to this new flexibility, which boosts employee productivity without requiring physical presence.

Slack, Notion and Monday.com are examples of technological applications that can substantially improve collaboration, communication, and flexibility while also shaking up mundane workplace routines. Furthermore, such software can be a lot of fun to use. Workflow models for providing fast employee feedback are continually being developed and introduced in the business world. As a result, timely feedback boosts employee retention and engagement.

Tapping into potential sales opportunities💲

Any goal-oriented company is continually on the lookout for new ways to boost product/service sales and expand its operations. In this situation, technology comes to our aid. It has made it possible for B2B merchants to do so by giving them access to enormous new audiences on online marketplaces, where the majority of buyers congregate and learn about new products. This isn’t just confined to traditional items; industries such as oil and gas are also embracing the digital revolution and capitalizing on its untapped potential.

Online marketplaces allow you to reach out to previously engaged audiences, broaden your organization’s reach (even globally), and cultivate long-term relationships with existing customers. They also provide a platform for environmentally aware producers from around the world to engage in safe practices and limit any environmental harm.

Another benefit is the development of chatbots. Long, tedious phone menus and a poorly defined customer experience have long been the scourge of a business’s existence. Chatbots, on the other hand, is changing all of that, since many can now not only answer FAQs but also order things, make appointments, provide tech assistance, and more, all from within a messaging app. Finally, customer service will be improved.

Plethora of focusing tools available🔎

One disadvantage of having access to so much information on the internet is that it’s easy to become sidetracked by things like social media or online shopping. Fortunately, developers have built more technology to keep us on track: clocks like Pomodoro and page blockers like the SelfControl extension are lifesavers when it comes to focusing.


Technology isn’t limited in its functionality and that is as clear as day by now. The modern workspace and workforce are defined by their capacity to leverage technology and optimize themselves through it. So, how do you use technology in your workplace and life?

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Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights

Maximize potential: Tackle’s automated time tracking & insights