Monthly Product Update – October 2022

product monthly update

We are always working to improve Tackle and keep everything running smoothly for our users. See what’s new for the month of October. Freemium plan (New plan) We have launched a free plan available to all users. From the free plan, new users can sign up for any paid plan, and existing users can switch […]

Monthly Product Update- September 2022

MOnthly update

We just released a new and shinier version of Tackle ✨. If you’re interested in what’s new, check out this blog post that covers it all. Weekly audit In a single glance, our users can now see how their week has progressed so far. With weekly data analysis and time tracking, they can ensure that […]

Monthly Product Update- August 2022

Monthly Product Update

The latest release of Tackle includes new features, several bug fixes, and lots of love to make your experience better than ever. See what’s new below Bulk tag feature (New Feature) Users can now select multiple events and add tags to those specific events in just a few clicks. After filtering events, they can also […]

Monthly Product Update- July

Monthly Product Update

Dear Tackle users,  We are releasing our latest patch with a bunch of new features and bug fixes so you can enjoy a flawless experience.  Other than that, please do all take care, and stay hydrated and in the shade while staying productive with Tackle. This month’s product update includes: A. Mobile tagging Users of […]

Monthly Product Update- June

Monthly Product Update

Our developers are continually developing new features.  Then, kitchens get messy! We’ve spent the last few weeks doing some serious spring cleaning, correcting bugs, improving performance, and smoothing down a few rough edges based on your feedback. What’s new A. Email bot app Email bot will email you your daily agenda, weekend summary, and untagged […]

Monthly product update- May

MOnthly update

We are always working hard to optimize our product with the latest technologies and best features. This month’s release contains improvement, bug fixes, performance improvements, and a little love. What’s New This month’s update includes: A. New Search bar added Search bar added to the Calendar page, Members page, Create new group calendar selection modal […]

Monthly product update- April

MOnthly update

We’ve been busy developing new features in response to your requests, and we’re happy to walk you through everything we’ve improved and added this month. Dynamic Dashboard Create multiple pages of different reports and utilize powerful widgets to visualize data about your team, project, or sprint with a unique dashboard designed just by you. App […]